Cleaning Travertine

Does anyone have a proper method? There isn’t much information on our forums and google is giving me mixed results. Tips?

You’ve read over one and a half thousand posts and given zero thanks/likes NO tips for you :kissing_heart:


You gotta do better. What type of travertine is it? Is it polished? Tumbled? Natural cut? Is it outside? Has any sealer been applied

Sorry, the only thing I know at the moment is that it’s outside. It’s freshly installed and I haven’t been out to look at it yet.

I really hope you’re kidding.

So what are you trying to get of mud or dirt

Both, I suppose. I asked the question looking for a general idea of how to go about cleaning travertine. Maybe it’s not that simple. Can you give me any tips on what NOT to do?

I’d bet @dperez knows how to clean Travertine. He’s been at this a long time.

Low pressure hot water mild soap and a scrub brush. Apply elbow grease rinse clean

Take pics. Need to see it to know what to tell you.

If it’s newly installed just rinse it off. It can’t be that dirty.

It’s probably not. Still, I would like to know the proper method to clean a dirty patio.

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I’ll be able to get some this week.

Thanks. I’m wishing I’d gone for the hot water machine now.

Yesterday, i had the worst sidewalk ever, wish i had my hot water working too. I had preatreated, washed, and treated again, it was still slimy, washed again got everything i could with 3200psi, then treated again, and not until the I rinsed again did it just disappear, finally. Took way too long, almost 3x as long normally.

No need for hot water to clean travertine or dirty sidewalks. Hot water is for grease and oil not algae and mold.

What strength of SH are you treating it with?

I’ve ran into those types twice. Ended up turbo tipping 90% of the flatwork. And post treating with 50/50. Turned out great considering but it’s one of the very few that I regret estimating by satellite photo. I’m still happy to take the good with the bad

It helps with extremely thick algae. I’m talking 20+ years under an oak tree. Everything works better hot. 99.9% of the time it’s not necessary for non oil/gum/paint removal jobs.

10% sh, 4gpm , ds 2.1inj , 50/50 mix