Cleaning gutters

Hey guys,

For those of you who offer gutter cleaning, what methods have you found to be the most effective/safest to clean them? I want to offer gutter cleaning in addition to power washing, but I’m currently a one man operation and ladder work can get kind of sketchy. I’ve looked at things like the gutter attachments such as the gutterball, gutter vacuums like the skyvac and RHG vac that WCR offers. What works for you guys?

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Thanks for the reply. I have the gutter tool and it definitely helps. Ideally I would like to really limit my time spent on a ladder. Maybe cleaning gutters that’s going to be hard to avoid.

Cleaning gutters means you are only on the ladder long enough to get on the roof. If the roof is to steep to walk, don’t do the gutters.


There are guys here that would think I’m an idiot for using this but it works great for me. I attach it to a 24 foot General Pump extension wand so I can clean from the ground. Everything will come down on top of you and get on the siding of the house at times. If it’s a one story I’ll walk the roof. Two story I use this attachment. This works up to 2.5 stories. There was only one house that the gutters hadn’t been cleaned in years that were packed with pine needles that it didn’t work. And I’m glad since that house had more gutters than I could see on Google Maps. You have to clean up on the ground, rinse things off, and rinse the house as you go but it keeps you on the ground. I’ve done about 75 houses with it and I’m happy with it.


This was more so the approach I was interested in, wanted to see if other people have had good luck with it. Thanks for your input! How long does the average house take you would you say after blowing them out, rinsing and all the clean up etc?

Thanks for the link to those boots I’ll definitely check them out. There’s a lot of roofs around my area that are un-walkable. Someone’s still got to clean them though!

Every house is different. If the gutters are straight and everything is perfect then 45 minutes for a two story. No more than 1.5 hours since no job goes perfectly. Theres always that one gutter that is over a peaked garage or that runs along a dormer that is extremely hard to get to. You’ll learn to price that out accordingly. I still always bring my 16 and 28 foot ladders just in case I need them.

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We leave the truck running and A.C. on lol. If a residential gutter job takes more than 10 minutes with 2 guys i lose my mind

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I guess I need to up my game a bit to improve to 10-20 min on site gutter jobs😂

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Ditto. Lots of “fancy” houses where I live. No way I’m walking on those things

Has anyone used vacuum systems with the carbon fiber poles? Just curious.

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What kind of shoes do you guys use if you have to walk up on a roof?? I know there are special shoes that some people wear.

This is what I use with an extending pole. Works great for me too. I can do most houses in 15 minutes or less and charge dearly for it. I don’t like gutters so if I’m going to do it I make it worth while.

I only do gutters with a house wash. This tool makes a good mess and I would end up washing the house off anyways.


Recommendations on the telescoping pole? I see This one, but question the quality.

Also, when you blow them out from the ground, do you get up there to inspect to make sure you didn’t miss anything?

I don’t but you’ll be able to tell if it’s clean by how clear the water spraying out is. Just kinda one of those do it till you learn deals. I rock it back and forth to get it all loose. Always start at the end without the downspot and work to it. Once you get to the spout and gutter is clean you can finagle the tool so one end is pointed down in the spout and other end is straight in the air. Hit the trigger and blow the spout out. Make sure the spout of flowing free and not clogged up.


Or if That doesnt work its possible to clear downspouts from the ground by running a plumbing snake up them. If the snske has a barbed end cut it off. It will get stuck on tight bends.

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Cool man thanks for the tip

Reviving thread!

Update on gutter vacs for those that tried them. What brand/model. I need to find a solution to clean those gutters about 5 storeys up but not accessible with a lift. (no space to get the lift there). Ladders above 40 feet are illegal to use here. Roofs are steep as well.

Has anyone used a gutter vac 4 storeys or above? I have more than a dozen large condo buildings to bid. Would love comments from someone who used it at those heights.

I’m looking at the Skyvac Interceptor for now…