Gutter Gadgets Video!

Levelizer -

That’s an affiliate link so if you order a Levelizer I get a tiny kickback. I’ll try to make a better video with the go pro next time.

Also, a couple errors in the video. The Levelizer’s aren’t $20, but $40.


I have been using one of these for a while now and I have to say that it just blows through gutters like butter! I’ve blown branches out of gutters that I wouldn’t have thought possible. It will clean about as fast as I can walk most areas. shopping

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You have better luck than me then. I tried it and it was dang near worthless.

I tried that gutter cleaner attachment and threw it in the trash. Pressure snapped my jrod made a mess, ended up doing that job manually. Never again.

I like to rock it back and forth like a teeter totter to get it really acting fast. Or if I get into a lighter spot I will slightly aim on side down and it kicks everything up and out vs blowing it all down

I’m still cleaning gutters by hand. I must be in the dark ages or something. Don’t the attachments make a huge mess? Or is it worth it to just clean up the mess so you don’t have to ladder up to the gutters. I have bunch of gutters that I need a 32’ ladder to get too and I am dreading doing them.

I thought I saw Squid mention a gutter vac. Anyone have any good success with one? I don’t mind spending the money if it works. Needs to clean 2 plus stories though. Thanks guys


Well we try to only book gutter with a house wash. So the mess doesn’t bother me too much!

@SchertzServicesLLC. Same here, we only do gutters with a house wash. Use that same tool with a 24 ft extension pole. It burns the shoulders and makes a mess but better then getting on a ladder or walking the edge of a roof. Your right about rocking it back and forth and playing with the trigger. Normal two story house gutters $150 and takes about 30 minutes…and another 30 to clean up the mess it made lol

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@bubbad2u the gutter vac only works on single and split level houses max and if the contents are dry.

If the roofs walkable, blower is my go to these days.

We had a 3 story roof last year that was cedar shake and looked like it was on a 70 degree pitch. Ladders, levelizers, gutter tools, and hands. The back yard dropped off into oblivion. It was a fiasco, but the homeowner paid because they couldn’t get anyone else to do it.

Some roofs are a combo of the blower, gutter tool, and hands.

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If the roof is walkable and you have a gas powered blower you’ll be finished in less than 10 minutes on an average home.

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We are at $1 per foot on gutters with a housewash. Just did an estimate today for 197ft of gutter with a hw. Was able to measure the gutter with google earth and never left my desk at my day job lol :joy:

Normally I’m the most expensive guy in town, but you guys are more expensive than me on gutters. $79-129 for most average houses.

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Gutters I am expensive, as you know that 24 ft pole is not fun lol. That price is not the value of the service but the price my shoulders are willing to hurt for ha


I use the same thing. Works good for me.

Whats the actual name of this tool? How much is it?

Less than $50 I think at home depo just a “gutter cleaner” attachment.


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If it’s a single story house and we are doing the hw as well we will cut a break now and then. I dislike gutters so I guess maybe I set the price high?

It’s not too high if people are willing to pay it. Sometimes I price myself out of jobs I don’t want, but a lot of times customers will pay a premium to have it all done at once. One stop shop.

I price them high as well, to make it worth it for the time and the risk. As I get older the 32’ ladder just doesn’t have any appeal to me. Working for an hour at that height and the risk/strain involved is not worth it for $100 to me. I would rather find another house to wash. But that being said, all of the gutter jobs I do include a HW so made I am just making to big a deal of the mess. I’ll get one of the tools and give it a try, even if I only use it on a few of the worst sections. Thanks for the advice.