Cleaning a steep, 2-story roof question

I’ll Haven’t been on in a while because I’ve only been doing simple jobs these past few months but I had an estimate about 2 weeks back for a full house wash. Long story short, I gave the guy a price to do his house, driveway, back patio and roof. I broke down what each service would cost and gave him a breakdown of what I would be doing. I told him the hardest part would be cleaning his roof, hence the price spike for that service.

The house is what I’d describe as a 2-story mini-mansion with a tile roof. I was honest with the guy and told him jokingly his roof scared me but that I’d had experience doing 2-story roofs. I’ve done them before but the difference is his house sits on a high foundation (which kinda makes it 2 and a half stories) and his roof is a certain form of brick and very dirty.

Anyway, he calls me back and apparently I’m the only guy that is willing to touch his roof at a reasonable price. I’ll admit I’m still intimidated but the guy just told me that if I can get the job done by the end of next week (10/21) he’ll add on 20% of the estimate we agreed upon. I stand to make over a grand for 2-3 days of work.

My question for everyone is what should I do as far as tackling the roof? Do I use a really strong mix and just get on a ladder with my gun (8gpm)? Do I actually get on the roof and use my roof washing system (12v)? There’s an area in front, above the garage that would allow easy access to climb the highest parts of the roof but should I even get on it? Any suggestions or experiences would be appreciated

Pic of the house

If you have to get up on it, it doesn’t look to bad.

You were the only one that would clean his roof . Omg were do you live? :flushed:.
I’m not sure we’re to start if your asking about your 8gpm pressure washer for that roof
That roof is almost flat not steep

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Only make a grand in 2-3 days? Doesn’t seem worth it.


That job roof house and driveway would be under 3 hours and pay $750-$850 here. I don’t think a few grand is to light at all. It just seems to me he is unfamiliar with roof cleaning if he’s talking about using his pressure washer

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Dude your In Orlando ? There is honestly 1000 companies over there that would show up tomorrow and clean that roof for $400 your story does not add up.

Believe what you want but the guy called ME back after talking to a few other contractors…maybe if you saw behind the house you would just understand. His house is long

To be more specific, my quote was $850 and he’s willing to give me another $200-300 to finish it by next week

Anyone willing just to tell me how they would go about it? I appreciate y’all opinions about other factors or if I’m BSing or not but I’d like some advice too

Btw the pic if from off the internet a few years back. The roof is damn near black from algae and it’s supposed to be light grey

How much do you know about roof cleaning at the moment? How much roofs do you have under your belt ?
Are you looking for technical answers or do we need to start a square one .

I’ve done 4 one-story roofs and 1 two-story roof so I guess I’m a novice when it comes to that. I’ve never done a tile or brick roof though. I’ve been in business for 4 months with a few commercial contracts under my belt and tons of residential driveways and house washes. I’m not new to pressure cleaning because I had a business 5 years ago but shot it down due to me not having the proper knowledge to run it.

So you’ve done five shingle roofs with a 8gpm machine? How. I’m so confused.

Smh…if you read the first post you should have read I have a 12v pump system

I can’t tell from the pic is it slate tile “flat “ or is it barrel tile?

Flat tile but it’s thick…I might be wrong in my initial description and I apologize for that but it’s almost like layered brick on the roof

Just use your regular roof mix on the roof, have your helper keep everything wet on the ground. He can also wash the house while you do the roof, you’ll be done before him.

If you do all this yourself, wet everything, then do a portion of the roof, wet everything again. Then do another section, and so on and so forth.
Cover any delicate plants with tarps, hibiscus plants will lose all their leafs if overspray gets on them. They grow back though, foliage loss may occur, if so check a week later if it grew back, if not, fix it.

This forum has categories you can read, click the three grey bars then find the roof cleaning category. Tons of info there.

So do the roof first, then the house, you can do the driveway when doing the front of the house, and the patio when you’re in the back.

Use the 12v for the roof, the 8 gpm for the house, do you have a Jrod?

Take your time, but with your setup you may be able to do all that in a day.


If it’s slate then you clean it just like you would a shingle roof but with stronger SH . 50/50 mix. Hit the caps first then spay a section of roof then hit the caps again if necessary. Spray from the bottom up so you get the overlaps . Probably the easiest tile to clean



I really appreciate the help brother.

And yes I’m a one-man show at the moment and yes I have a J-rod. I was thinking about doing all the easy stuff first but if it makes more sense to start with the roof then that’s what I’ll do. Other than the front, there isn’t much foliage around the house

Thank you sir

Bring a friend you seem nervous . That’s leads to mistakes and people getting hurt