Cleaning a Driveway




BRILLIANT! Saw this reading the thread, and hope you might council about measuring using Google maps?


So for those of us who are slow learners, in one minute, we are multiplying what specifically by 60? The total square feet? And what is the three that we are dividing by?


I’m guessing the divide by 3 equals 1/3 of your time is spent on the cleaning and the other 2/3 on the rinse and moving equipment


I think I’m just thinking too hard…im math illiterate unless it’s stupified for me.

So, just for craps and giggles:
10 square feet in 1 min x 60 = 600 (so 600 sqft/hr?)
600/3 = 200?..200 what?


If it takes you an hour to surface clean 600 sq ft, you’ll spend about 2 hours rinsing, for a total of three hours. Ridiculously hypothetical, of course, unless you’re using an electric toy with the tiny turbo nozzle :roll_eyes:

I must concur that I spend twice as much time rinsing as I do surface cleaning,


At Racer.

How come you are not using any kinda of berms to divert your water into the grass instead of down the curblines and into the storm drain?


What curb line? The drive was downhill from the street. All the water ran into the back yard except for the little bit used actually cleaning the gutter.


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