Cleaning a Driveway


Thanks for sharing info…it is very amazing…:+1:


Dammit, I had to buy one of these after seeing it. Pressuretek selling for $45.00 too! I ran into a bad spot doing some sidewalks with the surface cleaner (tall grass both sides/fall against natural drain) and pushed water with a push broom/squeegee. . . never again!

Thanks Racer/Squid!


Make sure you get at least 5-6’ of the hard hose. That sounds like it might not have the hose with it at that price.


You’re right - what size hose? Is the barb on the sucker 1 1/2" or 1"? Using 4GPM.


I think 1 1/2" may be standard.


Think it’s 1.5. Mine came with 30’ of hose. May even be 2". Maybe @squidskc knows. Never measured mine.


I don’t remember mine off hand either. Whatever pressure tek sells as their combo deal


It’s 25’ if I remember correctly. I keep a 40’ pool hose in the trailer just Incase I need more reach.


Hey Racer, quick question on your vid - did you have a tip on your hose/valve when you were doing your rinse, or is your 8gpm machine just pushing that much through the qc with nothing on it? Thanks for your vid, and all your contributions to the board. This place is only getting me more into pressure washing.


No tip, just thru the QC


ok, thanks


Love the video. Great seeing from beginning to end.
Keep up the good work


That’s the spirit


Lol thanks


Thank you Racer!!! Very informative video and good Narrator Voice! :slight_smile:


Nice video. Took more than 2 hrs to watch due to slow internet connection but worth the wait. Nice rig set up.


Hes a really good guy. Helps everyone he can and answers questions on here and guys call him all day long getting getting hisadvise on jobs, he always makes time to respond. Proud he’s my mentor! I like your setup, looks like your about ready to start!


Great video @Racer. I learned a lot from it. I can see how much 8 GPM makes a big difference.


Racer, I finally got a chance to watch this. Thank you for taking the time to document this job. Definitely learned a few tips that I will put into practice. Also, real nice set up on the trailer!


Thank you for the video. It’s been an abundance of instantly usable information.