Cleaning a Driveway


Watched that video and I’m sold! Even just to keep on hand for when my grandmothers basement floods!

Maybe I’ll add emergency basement pumping services lol $500-800 a pop around here just to have water sucked out. That doesn’t include having a commercial dehumidifier left for a week!


The harbor freight trash pumps go on sale for $160 all the time. Better off dropping off one of those at houses on a route and circling back around and picking them up. They pull at like 160 gpm.


Darn, I should have bought stock in the sludge pump. Just casually mentioned that it was handy, now @squidskc has turned it into a buying frenzy, lol. But really, it’s not something you’ll use every day, but for $100 it’s a great tool to have when you do need it. Only takes one time to make you really glad you have it.


But a trash pump will tear up when a lego block goes into the pipe! I guess they sell the plastic screens though. This deal you have looks like it would suck down past 1 inch. Trash pump will cavitate.


Cleaning all the flatwork today around a pool deck, driveway, and two long walks that had no less than 6 low areas including a huge chunk missing at the beginning of the drive. This thing paid for itself today.

I probably could’ve cleaned the top layer of leaves and junk on the pool with it in less than 10 minutes.


Good point. I retract my earlier statement.


I thought about that right after I replied. Always looking for a better way to clean 2nd & 3rd story gutters.


$5k for a sky vac. Or blowers if you can walk the roof. If not, Gutter Tool and 30’ unger pole.


Not paying that for a vacuum, I would build one before I paid them.

But yes sir, all considerations. Considering the attachment with a turbo nozzle on each side as well.


Wow the sludge pump is going in my cart now


Hey @Racer I see you’re still rocking plastic on your vertical coil :slight_smile: At one point I was trying to get someone in the family to make me custom canvas equipment covers but it never happened.

I can’t remember the last time I lost a jumper hose. It was probably over 12 years ago but not because they are R2 but because I wrap them with old 250 psi 5/8" id heater hose. If they can not pulsate and scrub the cover off your braid will never rust causing a failure. Any heavy hose will do but leave you some gap on the wrap so the hose can dry out but not so much the sun can beat on it :slight_smile:


Good tip, thanks


No. Interesting.



Good Golly, Miss Molly… I don’t know which one bums me more: you for getting giddy, @Racer for not sharing this monster tool sooner, or me for not spending more time on the forum. Business is brisk, and I’m looking forward to meeting you guys next week. BACK TO THE TOPIC

I have lamented my inability to make water go uphill. I’ve often bragged that if I could figure it out, I could write my own ticket. NOW, I discover that somebody beat me to it. DISAPPOINTED! NONETHELESS, I am excited to add the weapon to my arsenal.

THANKS! See you in Hotlanta.


I’ve never used a pump. Is that something that you use routinely or is that only for a really wacky situation?
How big does a puddle have to be before you break out a pump? I was doing this sidewalk the other day and when I get to the bottom, it starts spraying all over the house and the neighbors car and everything. Nowhere for the water to go.


What to charge and how much? By sq ft or by how long it will take?

Direct message me if you would? Thank you


Depends where you’re located, what kind of equipment you’re running, residential or commercial, whether you’re post treating, etc


Both residential and commercial. Post treatment, yes.


Excellent video racer, Thank you I learned a few things I need to have on my truck.