Cleaning a Driveway



that’s the one you’re looking for. And if you didn’t make the noise in your mind you’re a fibber


How many gpm does it take to run it? And how long of a hose can you add too it? Both answers I can research! But I figured you knew right off hand lol




I don’t know how many GPM it takes to run it unfortunately so you still got to figure that part out. All I know is this 20 foot hose was spewing stuff out of the end of it like firehose. Or like if the Dragon’s fire breath were actually muddy water. Or if you chopped off the mighty gorgons head and blood sprayed everywhere while the neck whipped around wildly. That’s what it was like.


Seriously though, I just knew that if racer is using it it operates between 4 gpm and 8gpm.


You can run any size you want. I’m usually using my 8gpm machine so I’ll hook it up to my 4 in which case it pumps 40 gpm. If I’m using it with my 8 I have to change the nozzle in it. Just tell them when you order what size machine you’ll be using with it. Or just order an extra nozzle.


Flat moves some water though doesn’t it?


In the blink of an eye. I was highly impressed.


I use it too, hate when I have to but love to use it. I think it may pull soap/sh because of the orifice, but can’t confirm, I just make sure the DI is out of hw mix.
I use this grey house because it WILL poke a hole in the blue hose, so hold it straight up for about a foot.
I use the blue hose because I get more distance to discharge, but occupy less space when rolled up.


I see you made an adapter too. Do you pop it onto your ball valve?

Haha what were they thinking not putting a 1/4 QC on it?!


@squidskc please post the video if you make one I’m anxious to see how it works


I’ll make one early tomorrow morning. I bought a hat clip for the gopro and had it adjusted too far back to catch anything. The video I made isn’t useable.

Here’s one by Ray Burke who’s not only manlier than I am, but more dapper and more successful.


Hahah your shot out :joy::joy:


Yep, my male lead ball valve.
Not sure how it came, but I needed to use it so I threw on those fittings, haven’t messed with it since; I like how your inlet is raised even more.

Eventually I’d like to add an extension like you did to the inlet, then maybe a few inches of pvc to the outlet, then an elbow, then the blue hose


That was scrap parts from the bin minus the 3/8’s inch female QC and meg. I do like it though.


Think it could be used to clean gutters?


Holy cow… that thing is wild.

55 gal drun took like 4 blinks of the eyes.


it pulls hard. I’d be afraid of crushing in downspouts with this thing. I’m not even joking. It’s powerful. That being said, it’s probably not an efficient way of cleaning gutters and probably not safe to carry it up a ladder.


Haha not to derail the thread, but we’re texting and chatting here. Earlier, I was on the phone with @racer and sending him messages through the forum at the same time. Hahaha I need an intervention. I have a problem.


@Jordie have you seen these?