Cleaning a Driveway


back off your setup and tear down time and post treatment time, what do you have?


Probably 45 minutes for all that so about 1:45 with rinsing? I’ll have to time the next one. But in my head I figure 1000 sq ft an hour for my set up. That being said I work at a good pace but I like to be thorough. Of course a lot depends on where all the water is going, the driveway I did the other day flowed gently down hill. I wish they were all like that.

A week later we did a roof, house wash, and driveway cleaning. That day I had a helper with me and he just helped manage the hoses. Even that made things seem quicker and easier.

It really makes me want to step the machine up to an 8 gpm, I am getting to the point where I should be able to do it soon. But there is always something to buy, pumps, ladders, hoses, that is the good thing about the spring though at least there is money coming in. If I can keep up this pace it shouldn’t be too long. I am really looking forward to it. It automatically makes so many jobs that much more profitable especially if I can keep the schedule filled up.




Nice video. What pressure do you run at? Why do you post treat? Cheers, Pete


Awesome video @Racer . You are the Godfather of pressure washing!


2950 psi. Tons of threads on post treating


I get the idea your concrete is softer over there. How do you measure the strength of you concrete is it . 20 mpa, 25 mpa??? That is why wecan run at higher psi and not damage anything. On the good side we can get away without post treatment as we can use a lot higher pressure and it gets the surface spotless… Interested in what you have to to say on that. Pete


It’s measured in psi over here but that’s a load break strength. It’s more the cream on top that from what I would think is the same wherever you live. The cream is what you don’t want to damage.


Thanks for that. Same, yes we drop pressures when the cream is a problem. Exposed Aggregate is a popular choice for residential drives around here so you get away with a bit.


@racer loves spending my money. Got a ton of flatwork with a ton of low spots today so looking forward to trying this.


Where did that one come from? How much hose did you get with it? Ive been looking to get one, i just dont do a ton of driveways. I do run into a lot of courtyards that have zero drainage


Any videos online of these in action?


I’m sure @squidskc will make one :wink:


There will be. It works like a hot damn. Stick it in a puddle and the puddle is gone dang near instantly.

@FATJOE pressuretek. $80 for the thing and the hose. Comes with a 3/8” QC. Be prepared to swap it out or fashion an adapter.


@squidskc perfect. Thank you sir


I second the motion.


I think rob anderson posted one on youtube


Here’s the part numbers @FATJOE


It pulled leaves, twigs, rocks like it hadn’t a care in the world. Pretty cool. I’ll make a video tonight and post it.


Whats the orifice size for the 8gpm?


I just got the biggest one they had. Sounds like a typhoon. Or a rocket blasting off. Or an interstellar space fighter entering hyperspace.

If you get one and it doesn’t sound like those things it’s probably the wrong one.