Christmas Light Business workshops

I feel like this is probably better under an “off season” tag, but here’s the point: was at the Huge Convention last year and had a pretty compelling pitch. They seem to be the leaders in the industry from what I’ve gathered in my research.

This year, I’m biting the bullet and going to give it a shot so I can get a couple off duty firefighters on payroll sooner than next spring for PW season. I called the we hang Christmas lights folks about a 2 day workshop they’re doing in Denver. Only 7 people have signed up so they’re offering the course for $595 and all the other locations are $2k. Just a heads up for those potentially interested in going.

Also, I set up the Christmas light company dba logos to post on FB at 10:00 am this morning and took 2 - $200 deposits to hold space on the calendar for two PW customers to get their lights done this year before 2:00 pm. I have a feeling I’m going to need to put a limit on availability if that keeps up. Don’t even have the website up yet.


Also, don’t really have time to go over the details if you are interested. I’m burning the candle at both ends this month. Just a heads up, again, to those who are interested go check out their website or give them a call for more details.


I hate putting up my own Christmas lights…the thought of Christmas lights make me want to throw up lol haha jk

Had a customer today who used to be in the kitchen exhaust vent hood cleaning business and got my head spinning for winter work. I don’t know…either that or Christmas lights by 2019 season.

I think I’ll wait and see how your Christmas light experience goes. lol


My lights are still up. Once we pass June 30th I figure it’s almost Christmas so why bother taking them down


LOL, I agree. I wouldn’t hang Xmas lights for others for any amount of money.

They quoted me $1500 today for the same workshop. NOT in Denver though. Guess they are trying to fill the seats in that one. My question is though, what do you get for that $1500 other than 2 days of their training. I’m still trying to figure that one out and they didn’t exactly answer that question when I talked to them today. Still reasearching obviously.

Not completely sure. About to look into it after a shower. Text me your email address. Not for shower stuff. Christmas light stuff.

The thing I remember most from last year’s convention was them talking about transitioning from residential to larger commercial displays and big fat paychecks.


I’ll help you in January. Lol

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I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m not particularly looking forward to it either.

Heck. If we take them down I’ll just have to put them up again a year later


This will be our 4th year for hanging Christmas lights. We just jumped in and learned on the job. We start hanging lights the end of October and work 5-7 days a week till about Dec. 10 and then its over. We start taking down lights about Jan.5 and it takes about 3 weeks. We box them up and store them for the customer till next year. We should do well over $100,000 this year. It’s a great off season job and it keeps our employees working. Plus, you make a bunch of money!


Do you mind if I call you and pick your brain about it?

Just got the logos, met with our new website/digital marketing gal this morning about it, and I’m actually kinda getting excited about figuring out new marketing/new work.


Racer makes plenty of that. Enough to take winter off. :slight_smile:


Do you do anything fancy? Light shows, timers etc… or just basic lights.

How about electrical ? How many lights per outlet/ extension cords?

Would you mind writing up a “Christmas Lights for Dummies” paragraph or two?

I personally hate putting up Christmas lights but it can keep us busy then maybe




We have gotten where we do almost everything except put music to the lights. We outline roof lines, wrap trees, do drops from trees, outline sidewalks and flowerbeds, hang net lighting to light hedges and put lights on gates and fences. We also build our own metal balls and wrap them in lights and hang them from trees. We use nothing but LED lights because they’re almost indestructible. The downside is they cost about a dollar a bulb versus $.15 for incandesce bulbs. We can run up to 500 lights on one 15 amp outlet. We put everything on a timer where it comes on at 5:30 and goes off at midnight, unless the customer wants some other time. We buy extension cord and socket line in thousand foot rolls and custom build everything on location to fit the house. It took us about two years to figure everything out and find all the right suppliers but now it runs pretty smooth.


Hmmm. Seeing magnetic mount and adhesive mount hooks. I could see the magnets working on gutter lines but am doubtful about the adhesive ones? I wonder if this could be done from the ground?

Cool stuff.

Could you perhaps post photos of the wires, lights, hooks, etc?

Where are you located if you don’t mind me asking. That’s an impressive number

Houston Texas. And we only do about six or eight ZIP Codes

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