Christmas Light Business workshops


Cool stuff.

Could you perhaps post photos of the wires, lights, hooks, etc?


Where are you located if you don’t mind me asking. That’s an impressive number


Houston Texas. And we only do about six or eight ZIP Codes


Good deal. Thanks for the response. I am seriously considering this. So I assume you just jumped out and did this on your own without any association to a company like We Hang Christmas Lights?


@squidskc I uploaded this just for you. This is one of the retired electrical engineers from my office.


There is a house around here that was on the TV show where families compete for best light set up.

I dont know how, but when you pull up you turn your radio to certain channel and it was the music they have choosen that correspond exactly to the music. Im not aure if thats what ur showing Mr. Plow, but this place everything is timed perfectly.

Too much for me… we put up a christmas tree that is pre lit.


Yea watch the video. He has about $7,000 invested in this.


Mr plow lol


I found a previous thread here and I’ve Googled the subject. I found a ton of references to We Hang Christmas Lights". Any other good introductions? I don’t mind paying a bit but $500-$2k is out of my budget! :drooling_face:


@squidskc did you check out the Denver training?


No. We had a giant factory job that rescheduled to this weekend so that was the priority. They’re trying to sell me on going to the one in Indianapolis.