Chemical usage

Hi, I recently switched over from an x-jet to downstreaming. I’ve been pulling my chemicals out of a 5 gallon bucket. Everything works well with the injector and the results are awesome. I’ve seen some people say they do complete houses with just 5 gallons of mix. I’ve found myself having to use at least 2-2.5 batches of chemicals out of the bucket. I don’t have access to 12.5% at this time so I either use the 8.25 or 10% from Walmart. My machine is 4gpm 4000psi. Does this sound right? Should I be using this much chemical per house? Thanks

To many variables. How big are the houses? How dirty? We downstream from 65 gallon tanks and refill them about 3 times per day. All relative to what you are washing. If you are just doing houses i would use at least a 15 gallon tank.

Homes are usually betweeen 1500-2500 sq ft. And usually pretty dirty. Can usually get 2 full sides coated with first 5 gallons, then having to stop to fill up bucket. Was just wondering if this is normal. I don’t like to reapply so I try to coat it pretty good the first time. Even on a not so dirty house, I am not able to use just one batch of chemicals. Sounds like I need to upgrade to a bigger tank. Thanks so much for the quick response

I’m stuck in the truck riding for the next couple of hours lol

Haha. I’m stuck at my full time job, wishing I was out cleaning houses.

Sounds pretty normal. Im only using the 10% from WM right now. I mix 3 gal SH/2 water and go through 1-2 five gallon buckets on the same size houses. What I’m going to start doing is having about 3 buckets with my bleach already in them. That way when a bucket runs out I’ll just add the water and surfactant and go. Instead of having to refill the bucket from gallon jugs. I want to find a 15 gallon container but haven’t had much luck yet. Guys on here are saying they find them from restaurants that get their soft drinks in them. ??

I have a few :slight_smile:

Lol jeez. Yea I would say so. What was originally in them? Wait those aren’t 15 gal containers. Look like at least 30 or 55 gal :thinking:

One of the reasons I don’t use an x-jet.

The other reason is carrying around a 5 gallon bucket.

I downstream from my trucks and trailers.

5 gallons of SH lasts me at least two house washes.

I’m going to get a x jet for fences and decks. But nothing can beat down streaming a house with a J rod as far as efficiency.

X-Jet definitely has its uses. I use one now for post-treating particularly dirty concrete. I also plan on using it for decks that need a stronger application of SH.

Hey Elite I have exact same machine/setup. I use 10% s.h…I mix 2 parts water to I part 10%, so with those 3 gallons I can easily do a 2000 sq. ft. home.What you need to do possibly is adjust your d.s. Injector so it’s not pulling too much mix.Took some experimenting but I figured out I only need it open about a 1/2 turn. I also found that vibration would cause my injector to open up and I would POUR thru the mix. So I just open it a 1/2 turn and wrap a small piece of duct tape to prevent it from opening up and using too much mix. Hope this helps.

I kept the drums from bleach deliveries last summer. Envisioned a 40 barrel raft but most floated away in the flood in October and i built a much smaller raft


I currently use a 3-5 gpm injector from pressuretek but thought about trying the adjustable one for that reason. Wasn’t sure if it was worth it.

Don’t get the adjustable. 99% of us are trying to get more, not less from an injector.

Looks like I may be over doing it on the 10%. I wasn’t diluting it with water, besides diluting it through the injector. I’ve been using straight 10% and surfactant and allowing the downstreamer to dilute it. I don’t like stopping to refill due to the time it takes and to me it looks unprofessional pouring bottles of bleach in a bucket on the job lol. I do have a 35 gallon drum I was using for roof cleaning. May try to utilize it for more storage.

@Elitepowerwashing lol those are my thoughts exactly when I have to refill my buckets with bleach from gallon jugs “Sweet mother of Je’sus, they know my secret!!!” bwahahahaha. Try having a couple extra buckets with you with your desired amount of bleach already in them. That’s what I’m going to try. They must not find out what our “professional grade house wash mix” is made of!!!

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That’s too funny, when I buy my s.h. I tear the labels off asap…and if I run out on the job… I always take my bucket and make the new batch in the back of my van away from prying eyes.


Not trying to thread hijack Elitepowerwashing, but seems like a good place. I have been using 5 gallon buckets but my issue isn’t running out of HW, it’s dilution. If I’m not actively using my soap nozzle to DS, but rather rinsing or anything else, a steady stream of water is coming out of my downstream hose INTO the 5 gallon bucket. This fills it with water while I work so it dilutes my mix. I’ve been having to run out and just pull the hose out of the bucket. Thoughts?

Ball on injector is stuck. It shouldn’t allow water back into your mix. Change out the injector and all should be good.