Chemical mix tanks


Do you use a specific degreaser?


@racer talked me into buying some more EBC so that’ll be what I carry once it gets here, but Zep heavy duty citrus degreaser has been my go to. I only really use it for restaurants a few times each month, but I like it.


Great! Thank you very much.


What kind of injector % are you using for that hot of a mix? Is that 32 gallons straight SH? Or 60/40 SH mix?


Straight SH. The injector is at 12% now. Was 15%. That’s about 3.2 gallons per house which is right on par with 3 gallons to 2 gallons water if you’re mixing in a bucket. We just skip that step.

At 12% for the injector that’s 1% SH that’s hitting the house.


Reason I asking is I have a 35 gallon tank. I was going to fill with 12.5 SH from a local dealer. So you just DS direct from that? I thought most DS injectors are set for 20%, so you get an oriface set for 12% set for you gpm pump?
Interesting. Where you getting that oriface setup? Most I see are set at 20% for a particular gpm output.



ahh. Thanks.


We dont have trailers, but a dual axle flat bed and a dual axle Isuzu NPR. In both of them I carry 700 gallons of water, 35 gallon tank for SH ( I use it to fill the X jet pail) and a 65 Gallon tank for carrying Distilled water ( I buy from local water supply store) for use in my Water fed pole backpack.