Chemical mix tanks


Other than your buffer tank, how many and what size chemical tanks do you need on a pressure washing rig that will do mainly homes,roofs and driveways?


I don’t do roofs so I have one 65 gallon down stream tank per truck.


I have a 25 and a 65.


We DS out of 35 gallon tank on the trailer. 32 gallons of SH and 28 ounces of Elemonator. Usually lasts 4-5 days on two houses a day. Sometimes have to fill it a little earlier.

I don’t do roofs either, but not by choice.

There’s always a gallon of Elemonator, 3.5 gallons of degreaser, 10 lbs of oxalic powder, a Zep spray bottle half filled with F9, half water, Barkeeper’s Friend Soft Cleaner, and magic erasers on the trailer. That’s all we use 95% of the time.

F9 and EBC only come out of the shop if the customer has agreed to pay a premium for it before hand.


We are about 8 ounces, give or take, of elemonator per 65 gallons. You might be able to cut back a little.


That’s it huh? I think I was just following the recommendation of 4 oz to every 5 gallons. I’ll try less on the next fill and see how it goes. I don’t think I have a full 20 oz left in my 5 gallon bucket anyhow.


What is the bar keeper’s friend for?


Stuff like this that house wash mix won’t touch. We used it last week for getting a full handprint made with a mystery substance (even the homeowner didn’t know) off siding. The mud ring on the bottom few rows of siding where the mud has “stained” the siding. Coupled with a magic eraser it will tackle many an “uncleanable” stain.


This spot by the front door. Barkeeper’s friend has oxalic in it. I dabbed a bit on here at the start of the house wash and wiped it off with a dry rag at the end.

It gets off mud dobber nest stains too. Tons of stuff.

Rust stains on stucco

You don’t want to know. I carry 330 water, 50 gal sh tank, 2 - 7 gal tanks and 3 - 15 gal tanks plus a fiver of my main soap and approx 10 gal jugs of various other stuff. And now got to start carrying some Barkeepers. Thanks Squid


Go big or go home right? That’s a ton of chems. Now I see why you needed the dual axle!

Barkeeper’s friend is like $3… I’d send you a bottle, but I feel like I’d have to send you 100 bottles for it to be a fair gift!


I like being prepared, lol


Nice explanation. I’ll keep it in mind.

So you pequed my interest with something you mentioned. Removing mud from siding. May create as a topic.

What’s the best way to remove mud? From siding but especially from garage doors. Living in hurricane Harvey aftermath. This will be my bread and butter the next three months.

As always thanks.


We’ve got 7 houses on the docket for the week. One of them is bound to have mud. I’ll make a video and a new thread to show you how easy it is and so I don’t hijack this thread anymore. Lol


I’ve got some, use on my stainless cookware all the time, never thought of using it on a house. Can’t ever think of many times I would have, but I like that little touch up you did. And never though about using on a dirt dauber stain.


BTW Squid, if you taking the time to clean items like mud dauber stains you are going to be very successful. I wish you are bountiful in your business. Keep up the good work.


Only around the front door, garage, and deck for us. Some houses here we’d spend half a day cleaning up nests if we got all of them. Then again I’m only 5’10 and my t-Rex arms require a step stool to get even the “easy” ones. Lol you shouldn’t have a problem.


My soap usually takes care of most of them and luckily don’t have many around here. We have plenty of wasp nest tho. I’m 5’11, but carry a big gun, lol


I thought you were 6’4" in my caveman brain for some reason.


the more the better imo, I have 100 gallons of mixed soap I start off with for a week and usually need to fill up once during the week, Mixing soap is something I try to do as little as possible. I a 55 gallon chem tank and then I use and 3/ 15 gallon drums also to down stream out of. Big time saver not having to mix soap up during job hrs. I only do residential so I do not need that much/// no roofs either