Stainless steel downstream injectors with proportioners?

Got the new machine today. Have a pile of injectors, but was looking at stainless steel for funsies.

Anyone ever attempted to use these? Verdict?

I’ve used then. They work. Don’t really last any longer than the $18 ones. Stainless ball is heavier than plastic ball and slams/seats into oring harder and sticks more.

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I haven’t used used a stainless injector before, but looking through that site I did find this -

Now you can pressure wash the shop dog!


I use stainless injectors, but use ceramic balls.
Dont like brass ones because they turn green

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I was reading the description and it sounds like these have a ceramic ball. I was gonna text you about it, but bought one anyway because I want to play with it and the metering things.

Baths are not a thing on his fun list. I sub dog baths out to the groomer. Lol.


I bought the one for the 3 gpm to 5 gpm since I’m getting 225 feet of hose and using an 8 foot whip too.

You’re in business. You’re good to go. You’re walking in high cotton. Lol

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Cant find a link but the local MTM people sell the ceramic ball kits for $10

Just load up on injectors in the beginning of the season.

10 injectors will cost you less then $200.

Fit them with the quick connects for a fast replacement and be done with it.

I’ve never had an injector problem. I keep em clean, switch to water when I rinse so it flushes the injector. I take them apart and clean them on occasion and the worse that happens is I shoot the spring somewhere near the moon.

I just wanted to put new rims on my new machine. lol


Is the spring stainless as well? I guess if it’s not, an occasional rebuild with ceramic ball would take care of a broken spring.

Now I can shower before I go home

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I think the spring in every one I’ve ever had is stainless. The ball and the springs are always shiny when I take them apart. It’s usually the brass cylinder that’s funky.

I could be wrong.

Ok, Thank you! Please let us know how it pulls when you use it. I’ve been using the 2-3 GPM Hi-Draw from Bob, and it pulls like crazy with both my 5.5 and my 8. The only options I see on KleenRite are 1-2 or 3-5 GPM, so I’m anxious to hear how the 3-5 you bought pulls.

I like them injectors with no springs :wink:

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I’d like one too, but Bob (or someone) at PT told me they stopped making them.

Can you explain to me what a whip is for?

Just a short pressure hose for hooking up the reels or to save the end of the main hose from getting too beat up.

Thanks. That’s what I thought but wasn’t too sure. I’m still learning from every thread that read l. I pay lots of attention to you and @Innocentbystander and @Racer