Ceramic wall car tunnel

I was asked to bid on a DOT project where a few car tunnels that have ceramic tile walls need to be washed. Im assuming the walls are covered in road salt and carbon based grime. My first thought was to use OneRestore but EacoChem’s website doesn’t say anything about it cleaning tile. I will be going to check out the job tomorrow to get some pictures and measurements. This is something I haven’t done before so I am kind of at a loss. Tile isn’t really a popular thing here in the midwest. The search bar didn’t really bring up any useful information. If anyone here has any ideas, it would be appreciated. When I go there tomorrow, I will try some SH.

I would use SH if there’s any organics and then a good degreaser for the road grime. Hot water will help. I like BD-200 from Southside but there are other good degreasers out there.

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We have tunnels here with that white ceramic subway tile and the DOT crews clean them at night with brushes. Every time I see them doing it I cringe at the thought of brushing a half mile of tunnel.

OneRestore is phosphoric acid, not a degreaser. @EaCoChem might be able to suggest something. My first choice would be EBC but I have no experience with BD-200 as Brian recommended, have read good things about it though.

I will definitely NOT be using brushes :slight_smile: I love EBC and will give that a try today as well. Im assuming go heavy on surfactant so it will cling?

Out here they have specialty trucks with permanently mounted brushes that clean these. I am unsure if they’re DOT or contractor owned.


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Finally had a chance to go see the tunnels today. They just want the tile washed. Im planning on applying EBC with a good amount of Roof Snot to help it cling. Then rinse it off with my soap tip (2550). They said they only need it to be pressure washed off with just water but I don’t see the final product being very good with just water. The only hurdle I foresee is blocking the water from crossing the highway. Each tunnel is about 600 feet long and both are banked so 1 side is higher then the other. Any recommendations on how to block the water so I can reclaim it along the entire 600 feet?

Lol yikes. Is traffic going to be stopped?

Yea, traffic will be brought down to 1 lane as we r working. Work will only be allowed between 9am and 2pm. Traffic will be blocked by the main contractor on this job.

The 2 things I am having trouble with is how much water should I bring with (no viable way to refill because of time constraints and no on/off ramps close, will be running a 5.5 and 10 gpm machines) and how to block the water from crossing the highway on the high side of the road.

Too bad you can’t use some kind of lower pressure surface cleaner.

Not going to lie, I thought about that. I have the Mosmatic 12 inch SC that reclaims its own water. but it has its own handle and I think it would be a handful to use.

You can rent 1000 gallon tank trailers. I’d go ahead and add that to the estimate so you don’t have to worry about water at all.

As far as something to stop the water I would use some of that poly tubing we use for the downspouts for roof washing and fill maybe an 8’ section full of sand. 8’ might be too long but you get the picture. You could make a half circle maybe 50’ long and work that area and then move to the next.

I’m surprised you have to reclaim on something like that up there. I wouldn’t have to here but I am 3 hours south of Chicago. Whole different world down here.

I was looking at renting a 1000 gallon tank trailer. I may price that against building one for other commercial jobs. I found this thing called Quick Dam


I am going to buy 2 of the 17 foot ones and try it on another job that I have been putting off because I couldn’t think of a way to divert water from my surface cleaner. Anyone try something like this before?

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We would recommend you test HD Britenol… what’s great about HD Britenol is that it can be diluted unlike OneRestore and it is what we suggest to clean tile with. Reach out to me if you have any questions.

what about those berming tubes? In your neck of the woods I would think you could line the tunnel with hay bales for next to nothing.

Ha! The 120 acres behind my house was just baled. I should give him a call :slight_smile: