Ceramic wall car tunnel

Dry hay bales get heavy enough after lifting so many I can’t imagine tossing wet ones. At least they wouldn’t be dusty. I use to hate being the one up in the barn when stacking. I think that tube you found on Amazon is the perfect solution. You could maybe get by only using 3 and just moving them down as you go.

Ah yes, back in the good old days. Nothing like being pimped out to all the neighboring farms to stack their hay as well. All to be payed with a bowl of chili :slight_smile:

Hey, question I’ve always wondered. Why can’t One Restore be diluted? I’ve never tried it based on that’s what it says on the bottle, but why is it all or nothing, and not just loses how effective it is?

I’ve found plenty of useful things to clean with onerestore and an xjet… like certain fallout stains.

It is my go-to for those. It’s been a lifesaver this year. Miracle chemical! However, it gets expensive if there’s a lot to do, and with how easily it takes care of the fallout staining, I’ve often wondered if I could just cut it 50/50 or so (just haven’t tried it due to it saying not to dilute, and not having time to experiment).

What do you meam by fallout staining?

Happy reading.

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Fallout, here’s a pic. Zoom in to just below the soffits.

Wow, that was a good read. I have only seen 1 house with this on it. Luckly it was a buddy’s house and he didn’t care that I couldn’t remove it. I don’t think it is going to be a frequent thing here in SE Wisconsin.

Now that you say that…watch the next three have it! lol. Best to have some chems ready to get it off once you do encounter it again…and maybe you already do. :smiley:

Fallout-also known as atmospheric staining, if that helps with the visual, pollution.

I have some OneRestore left over from washing a school. Ill make sure keep some in the truck.

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Thats just not how it was designed… Remember OneRestore is a restoration product not a normal cleaning product if you are just doing cleaning and not restoration then use HD Britenol.

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I put in my bid for this job. $27,500 for 3 tunnels. Im thinking about 4 nights work of work for myself and helper. I confirmed my price with a local competitor who I respect. I really hope this job pans out!

Is each tunnel 600’ or is that the total for all 3? Are you able to work at nights now instead of just 0900-1400?

Seems high to me but I’m not sure how much more work it is to reclaim since I don’t have to do that here. Thank goodness I live 3 hours south of Chicago. For many more reasons than just reclaim too…lol


Each tunnel is about 600 feet long so 1200 feet for each tunnel. 1 tunnel is 16 feet tall. This will be my first time actually reclaiming instead of just diverting water flow. The logistics of bringing a trailer for reclaiming plus bringing a 1000 gallon water tank trailer is difficult since I only have 1 truck. They asked me for a bid 3 days before it was due so I had to take time off of work to go walk the tunnels. I did up my price a little because of the short notice.

@marinegrunt How come you don’t have to reclaim where you are? As far as I know its a federal law, the Clean Water Act of 1972. I bid the job including reclaim to cover myself but I have a call into the city’s water department for clarification on the law.

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Also yes, we can work from 1900 to 0500 or 0900 to 1400. Id rather work 10 hours at once instead of 5 hours.

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That makes sense price wise then. I was thinking 600’ total. 16’ tall makes a big different too.

I shouldn’t say we don’t have epa laws here it’s just nobody expects it unless your cleaning something that’s flowing down a boat ramp or something. I’ve even asked the city before and they said not to worry about it unless I’m right next to the river. I couldn’t find anybody that really knew what I was talking about. There are quite a few guys on here who live in areas where it’s not pushed like it is in some places. If I was doing a job where I thought it might be an issue or contaminant waterways I’d definitely do it though. I bet Chicago is a whole different world when it comes to reclaim than down here though. It’s a whole different world down here.

Gotcha, im just starting to get more commercial jobs here in Milwaukee so im paying more attention to it. Most of my work is residential about 30 minutes west of Milwaukee. Today i went to bid out washing the inside of an old mechanic shop. Ceiling, walls, and floor all need to be degreased with a big drain right in the center of the 4,000 sqft floor. Hopefully when i hear back from the city, i can just use oil socks or something like it to filter the water instead of reclaim it. I may have to invest in an actual reclamation system if i keep getting jobs like this instead of using a sump pump.

I heard from the main General Contractor today about this job. They didn’t get awarded the job, which means I didn’t get the job. Bummer.