Canadian Problems


So I finally got a suitable Surfactant (I hope) from Swish. It is the “Clean It Vehicle Wash”


Here is the web link:

I consulted with the people at swish, and this is an alkaline product so it shouldn’t wreck my sh.

And it does describe house washing. This better work, I am getting sick of you Americans rolling around in Elemonator like dollar bills in your bed.

I am trying this product tomorrow. If it works, I may be able to fire my border mule.


Too funny



Ya we know. Thanks.

That is a stop gap at best.


What you bought is literally car wash soap…same ingredients as most box store car wash soaps out there.

It will probably work, only issue you may encounter is rinsing.

I wouldn’t bash @Ikii for suggesting something that works. I’ve used that stuff in a pinch and have zero complaints.

In all of Canada the best you could find is that?

I think you need to quit the business and start a business as an equipment/ chemical vendor.


They still mined and sold asbestos until 2011 but you can’t buy a good soap? What’s wrong with you folks?


I am actually working with the largest window cleaning supplier in canada to start carrying pressure tek chemicals, hopefully.


The man is trying! :slight_smile:


I did not bash him, I have used that as well. But, even you said you only use it in a pinch.


Day One of using the vehicle wash as a surfactant.

Lot’s of suds, great dwell time. Not a lot of scent which is just fine.

I used this on 2 storefronts that had recessed entrances filled with bugs, spiders, nests, cobwebs and those weird spots from the spiders or flies all over the painted wood. Much cheaper at $20 canadian a gallon vs the arm and hammer. And way more concentrated. I only used about 1-2oz per gallon in my mix.

It seemed to boost my SH, I didn’t need to scrub anything, even though I thought I would. All those bug spots just disappeared.

Last time I did a store front wash with the Arm And Hammer as a surfactant, the bug spots remained.


It also rinsed really clean. I did not have to go back and clean the windows. And, I thought the paint was matte. After the clean, it was actually glossy! The paint looked brand new. My client even said: “Well, I guess I don’t need to repaint after all!”


Not exactly, most car wash soaps also have a wax ingredient. I didn’t want that. I also question how you know the ingredient list of this product and most box store car wash soaps.


MSDS … public info lol.


Glad it worked well though… I used a fleet soap for a little bit, it worked good but to good. Had issues with it causing a lot of dirty water coming out of weep holes. It was too aggressive.


I thought I remembered you using fleet wash…

Haven’t tried it on siding yet. But, isn’t dirty water coming out of seep holes an issue of technique? I have never heard of a product causing this. Just people firing water behind siding. Maybe going against the wrap and not with.


No matter what you do some water will get behind the siding…the surfactant was so aggressive that if it got behind the siding at all it was cleaning behind the siding and coming out of the weep holes.; wasn’t s big issue…more common on houses in country and on lakes. Also it increased the SH a little to much, all in all to aggressive for house washing


Oh I get you. Ya, I noticed the SH was like it was on steroids. Lol.

I like the water softening, and I am not sure what “anti-sheeting” means, but helped with rinsing I guess?

Until we get pressuretek up here, I think this is my go-to surfactant.


UPDATE: (Because I am sure the Americans are just biting their nails wondering if we are going to be ok)

I have been informed by a major chemical manufacturer in Canada, that the reason we don’t have the same availability as our friends to the south is:


That’s right folks, we can’t get what you have because our government has extremely strict regulations regarding chemicals and stating what they can be mixed with.

Even getting the Swish representative to suggest a safe surfactant that can be mixed with bleach was like pulling teeth.

It seems that the problem is, that as soon as a product states that it is “bleach stable” suggests mixing the product with bleach. And so it is not allowed.

We can charter it across the border for personal use, but good luck trying to sell it here.

I am not giving up…


I feel your pain, I`m also from Canada. Luckily I live 10 mins from the US border so I can bring it across myself (for “personal” use). Remember if necessary, you can get a broker to bring the products across the border for business use at a small cost. But for the last 10 or so house washes, I have skipped the surfactant and just used SH as I mostly clean cobwebs/egg sacks, and dirt. Very dry here so almost no algae. SH alone has worked perfectly. But I do get very jealous seeing the wide variety of chems everyone on this forum has access to in a matter of a few days shipping time, and usually free shipping at that…


@DantheWindowMan, here is another thought. Check with Alex over on the sister forum to this one Window Cleaning Resource. I know they carry FreshWash, a product I used before getting Elemonator. It works fine also. I am not saying for sure
they ship to Canada, but you never know. If they will ship to Canada, I suggest you
get a couple 5 gallon containers to last you a while. It may cost you a bit, but at least you will have enough to last a while . Keep us informed how you make out.