Canadians Need Your Help! ...again... PSA

Hello our southern brothers and sisters!
As usual, we in Canada can’t get our hands on a proper surfactant for SH. Last year I solved the problem with this:


PSA: DO NOT MIX SWISH “Clean It Vehicle Wash” with SH!!!

They must have changed something, because I had a volcanic reaction in my chem tank this year.

Thankfully I remembered @Racer suggested Arm and Hammer Oxy Clean

I have had a few fellow Canucks contact me regarding using Swish products as a surfactant. Please avoid all Swish products for mixing with SH.

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Did you check the sds before using it? You know multiple suppliers ship to Canada right? A gallon goes a long way…so does a fiver. Arm and hammer is good but don’t leave it in your tank for more than a few days… It’ll turn brown on the top and kill your mix. Regular laundry detergent like sunlight/Gain works fine and it won’t turn brown after sitting around. But try ordering a real surfactant from a supplier in the states. It’ll be pricey but worth it.

No it does not.

Hm… I had it happen to me last year. It was mixed for a week or so. It was brown and foamy on the top. Maybe I was just unlucky? Sure wouldn’t say it for no reason lol

Oh, I have never let it sit for a week.