Calling Mr Stucco

OK @squidskc, Since you’re Mr Stucco, how would you clean this. This one a little dirtier than what I normally see. Looks like gutter has been leaking down in the corner for years. Normally I’d direct apply with my mix, but wanted to see how you’d do this one.


I’ve done 2 that were that bad. It took 6-7% SH and two applications to cut it


Your going to need at least a 50/50 + mix and multiply applications and patience. Also i would double or triple your normal house wash price as dirty stucco homes use a lot more chem and can take all day.


and its harder to rinse. Many areas if not rinsed really well will start showing a white residue and will need more rinse. It really does take a roof mix so plant watering will consume a lot of your time.

Same as above. 50/50 mix, hit the stains twice. Agitate with an unger soft bristled brush threaded onto the extension pole in between. 10 minutes dwell. When it’s that bad sometimes you’re gonna get shadowing no matter what you do.


That stucco looks cracked. I’d be really light on the surfactant with cracked stucco.

This ettore brush has a rubber bumper around it to protect things you bump into. Unger makes one too and you can even flow rinse water through it.


Glad you posted this. I have one coming up that has 3 identical places on the front of the house.

@Racer, this looks like a great time to buy that Water Fed Pole you’ve been looking at. I STILL recommend the Tucker with the new Alpha brush. As for Mr. Stucco, either you or he’s the best who ever did it! HOWEVER, Mr Sparkle would expect that your soft wash mix for roofs will do the same thing to that stucco.that it does to roofs.


Staright sh, even wood staintemover

Fortunately, plants not a big problem. They’re not yard people.

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I couldn’t tell if it was a crack or maybe the caulking from gutter hanging out. If so that would explain part of the problem.

Well, I was expecting to here the xjet proposal from you. May try it on that, just for kicks,


No x-jet since I got the fatboy. I’m pretty sure you told me that.


True, I just think this may take a little pressure too though.

Gotta be super careful with pressure if it’s cracked unfortunately. Chips will come off.

I x jetted my first one. Roof system from then on. I just did one last week. 800,000.00 house

@Racer I am in a similar situation except I have bag worms.

The pic was sent to me by the manager. This is a 3 level Hampton Inn. What if any advise do you guys have on the following:

Post treatment

Thanks gentlemen,


I don’t think I have ever seen those before in my life. I’m curious to see what others say.

Nukem. Seriously, especially that young your regular Efis mix should take care of them. We have them down here too, but they don’t usually stay at the Hampton Inn.