Calling Mr Stucco


by the pics it looks like dirt dobbers. Get them usually near the lake properties. If that’s what they are.


A few pictures of the walls and an enhanced magnification of the the bag worms that are around the top of the entire building.

Any suggestions from the combination of wise men here?


They look like dirt dobbers, but usually they’re bigger clumps, which we break up/rinse, then after the house wash we go around and with a spray bottle (full of house wash) we spray, scrub with a toothbrush type brush from HD, then dab dry with a rag. That should take care of the stains left behind from the rinse


Took less than hour


How did you remove this?


Racer, what did you end up doing to clean this?


I cleaned it
Roof mix


Do you have any after pictures?


That is an after picture…with the before


Its hard to twll because it looks loke thw shape of the house, but the right side, the brighter side is the after pic. Looks great by the way. How strong was the mix?


Didn’t get the job. I quoted $365 and she took the $200 quote.


Some people rather save money then hire a professional. I got under bid by $25 one time and they took that guy. He was a no name guy no business but her cousin knew him :man_shrugging:t2: I guess anybody can wash a house.

Brent Davis


Didn’t bother me. Not really my type customer. See the 2nd pic I posted, that band at bottom of stucco was like that all the way around the house so I quoted that and recaulking the gutter so all the crap wouldn’t run down in that corner. Other quote didn’t include that. All she wanted done was front and the garage. Probably HOA thing.
Drive and walk looked like hell, no interest in doing that either. Could tell just by walking around place, weren’t into keeping up the exterior of yard or house very much. And this is a very nice neighborhood. Kind of like they’ve got the worse place in there. Typically, not my type of client. You want people who are proud of and into taking care of their home and they know it costs to do so.


Ah yes… the kind of people that if they were to start a band it would be called the Bare Minimums.




Nicely done sir @bc_window_cleaning


Bummer, hate when that happens.

I’m curious though what you would have cleaned this with for something that bad of staining , I haven’t had the best of luck with my bleach mix.

Dylan Jacobson


Would have used my roof system and direct applied, the really bad spot and probably the garage end. Rest just strong HW mix. Or could have used an xjet with strong mix. But rarely use it.


I personally use the beige proportioner with my XJet and hit really stained brick 2 to 3 times while doing the rest of the house. Important to rinse well between applications to remove dead layer to get to the underlying layer.

BTW, looks like February will be my best month yet, and the season is just getting started. Thank those of you who have helped in my education here at this forum, as well as the BIG gamechanger, HomeAdvisor. 85% of my business comes directly or indirectly from HA


Don’t rinse between applications, try it, you’ll like it.