Bypass mode!

Hey guys trying looking around on YouTube and other sites… about running my bypass hose to the tank?? I know where the bypass hose is just don’t know which end to take off and run to the tank… also if I take the one end off how to I plug the end I took off??


Tim explained it very well here. Thanks for the info @Tim4!


On step 3 do I have to replace the hose fitting to a barb fitting ??

No. Just a recommendation.

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I did the same thing. You’ll be glad you did. Decreases turbulence at the inlet and takes away some of the worry of running your pump hot and frying seals.

My next tweak will be moving my unloader off the pump and to an unloader block to take that stress off the pump.


I put a new carb on my motor and have everything running really well finally. I’m afraid to mess with anything else :joy::joy:

What is the purpose of an unloaded block? Mine is still at the pump how it came and I haven’t experienced any issues with it.

Cuts down on the vibration

Supposed to be better for the unloader and the pump, due to vibrations and whatnot. Not completely necessary, but a lot of the bigger, more serious machines have it setup that way.

I see" I’m only running 5.5 gpm so I guess I’m not to that level yet.

It can’t hurt, and it’s pretty cheap to do. I plan on installing an unloader block at some point on my 5.5.

Oh ok. I shall look into that.

I’ve never even seen an unloader block so y’all are speaking Chinese to me.

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And here’s a grainy pic of how they look installed:

That looks wild. Thanks, never seen one before.

3 or 4 pounds of metal hanging by pipe threads off of a vibrating pump easily avoided with a block and jumper hose

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Hi, I am at same point… question…can that entire unit of #2 and #3 be replaced with a 1" brass barb fitting to receive the flow in from the buffer tank and remove the need to install a plug in that hole at #2?

My machine is 5.5 gpm and the supply to the reel is 5/8. Was going to use the 1" crushproof to run from the reel to the buffer tank unless that is too big given the 5/8 feeding it. Just wanted to use up that length of hose and to use crushproof since the surface cleaner may be sitting on top of the hoses crossing the trailer (feeding the 3/8 from the reel to the pw through the 1" crushproof as well).

If so, are there pros/cons to doing it one way or another?

Many thanks.