Business Name - Rate & critique

Thanks good people. Appreciate it.

Clean And Sparkling Homes. Just tell them to abbreviate the name in the check

  1. Too many letters imo.
  2. Sounds like a pill company
  3. Same as above
  4. Good one but what if you start doing interior work too
  5. Great name
  6. No idea what that it, I’m guessing a monkey looking fish, do you look like either? lol

I wouldn’t make a name that ties you to one job, so don’t make a goofy name like Window Gleam.
You just don’t know where your company will go in ten years, might specialize in server tower cleaning (?)

Thanks man. Appreciate the sincere feedback.

Got a good laugh too. Didnt think some of those out :wink:

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Here’s my reply form another thread, take it for WIW:

I don’t see a business name to rate and critique


He deleted it

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None of those names are good IMO. Less is more remember that.

Something like Simple Power Wash is a great name it’s short and gets the point across.

By reading those names I have no idea who you are or what your selling so I’m not interested.

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If going that route, I would name the company ‘Simple’ then mention the service we provide, ‘Power Wash’. No need to make the legal company name to include the service

Steve’s post was good, about naming it after a location, or even after a person, something the potential clients might find appealing, but not divert from the service you’re selling, like don’t name it after a food

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I recently learned that the wording in your name also helps with seo. I’m pretty much ignorant when it comes to that stuff. I’ve talked to a few web designers and seo guys and the guy in the bni group I’m joining seems to be the better value. He’s as interested in educating me as he is selling his service

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The problem I’m having with those super simple names is that there are so many people in my area with the exact same words used in their names. Just simply switching the order of them around.

Always words like Pro, performance, aqua, water, clean, simply, I’ve tried every combo I can think of & my name is just too similar to other guys’. Thats why I was thinking of something kind of unique.