Building your own skid?

Hey folks,

So i’ve ordered/bought most of my equipment i’m going to need to get started at this point. Now i need to figure out how i’m going to configure it all in my truck bed. I have a 1/2 ton truck with an 8ft bed and about an 1800 lb payload capacity. I see a lot of people have pre-built skids with all of the equipment mounted on it, and they could just take it on and off pretty easily with a fork lift. Is there a way i could custom build my own skid to mount all the equipment to? could i make it out of wood or would it need to be metal? any other alternatives?

Thanks for your help!

Use a plastic pallet to mount everything to. A wooden one will rot and metal unless stainless will corrode.

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Search for my thread called raptor liner.

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Or my softwash pump setup


Shertz, that’s a sweet build man that plumbing looks extra clean. Something concerns me about having the top of the surface flush with the top of the bed. Stuff would just slide right off if a strap or one of those U hooks broke. Do you just store all your tips and wands and such underneath it?

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I really like the idea of the plastic ones thanks for the suggestion! Any particular website you would recommend? Also would you do a solid top pallet or do one like this where you could just strap directly to it without having to use U hooks?

This skid was built so I could put my 200 gallon water tank under it. Sore subject but the tank is back ordered. I’m not worried about anything slidingnoff. Everything is bolted through metal plates underneath.

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I’ll take an updated pic in a few. It has new goodies lol

Cool man i’d love to see it!

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Im in the position as you Kerbro, I decided to buy a solid top plastic pallet. Im just wondering what would be the best way to mount everything on top of it, and what bolts/nuts/etc. to use for that.

Yeah, my concern would be stripping out the plastic overtime if I just used screws so maybe some kind of nut and bolt with washer type system would work better. I can fit two 48x48 pallets in my truck bed so I’ll probably arrange it so that I can take each off individually with no issues. Then in the winter I can easily store them in a storage unit or something like that.

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Found the hi-point guy :joy:

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Dont know where to buy one, i use a trailer. And i would go solid, over time the one you posted the slits will crush from tightening the u bolts.

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Maybe a good truck gun for in the glove box. That’s about it!