Building an X jet chemical containment system

My title is a little misleading but it’s exactly what I need I just don’t own or ever plan to X jet. I built a 12v softwash rig and I’m injecting Fresh Wash into the supply line so I need a sealed chemical container for it. I have those square footprint 5 gallon chemical pails/containers/ car boys with the threaded caps that have the 3/4" knockout any who you know the ones. does have a 5 gallon pail “system” with a drop tube but I’m not paying close to $40 for it. Problem is I can’t figure out how to plumb it up lol

The 'system" can be seen here X jet pail system

3/4" x 1/2" threaded reducing bushing with an internally threaded 1/2" schedule 80 pvc pipe that you thread your 1/4" MPT barb adapter into??? What can I not comprehend here? Thanks for any ideas offered.

Dez from N. Texas

I’ll send a pic pin of one Monday when i go to the shop. Every thing you need ous ay home depot.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they threaded the i.d. AND o.d. of schedule 80 PVC with NPT since they internally threaded one side of their 1/2" x 24" PVC spray wand with NPT so the thicker walled schedule 80 would accept 1/4" NPT quick couplers

$24 for internally threaded schedule 80 PVC pipe??? Pass on that too but good luck to you finding anyone capable of threading PVC for you in NPT lol special machine special cutting fluid yaddy yaaa you know the deal

That would be most appreciated Bystander! Where can I send this Dickies BBQ gift card??? :slight_smile:

Send it to @TimWash. I think he needs some happy in his life :slight_smile:


We shall see I sent him a PM. Thanks

Ahhh you got me, I just realized who exactly that was. Oh well, I hope he takes me up on it.

This comment made me happy… for what it’s worth.

Everything is at home depot or whatever big box hardware store around you. Has to have a vent hole or pail will collapse on itself


Where do you get the jug?

My landa dealer has them by the pallet load but I’m sure you can amazon them or something.

Also check craigslist… i found someone selling the stackable 5 gallon jugs for $15 ($12 if you buy more than 4).

Bingo. That’s what i use. The little cap usually needs to be drilled out if you want it vented.

Thanks so much! I had suspected they did a bit better, I guess not lol The only part I was stuck on was attaching the drop tube and after seeing yours I figure I’ll just adapt my drop tube to 3/4" mpt and screw it into the unused threaded section of the cap.

I’m going to vent the container under the little cap so I can seal it back up and keep the rain out :slight_smile:

I’m not knocking vendors for selling them. They have to earn a living also and sometimes it’s easier to pay for the convenience. Good luck

Those sell around here for $2 apiece.

That’s a deal. Cheapest i can find new are like $20-$30 after shipping is included. Can’t really find any on ebay either.

There’s a guy around here who sells them at the swap meets for $2-$5 depending on condition but they’re used. Had cooking oil in them I believe. I bought a bunch from him but the problem is that he doesn’t always have lids with them