Building a website

Anya is in the process of making me a site. I’m a PWRA member & saved a few hundred $. I put that into a logo change. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I wouldn’t even think of making my own site.

Why not have the phone number in both places. I agree a phone number should be up top…


I would HIGHLY recommend learning a little code, buying a cheap or free template, doing a few modifications, and BOOM! a website.

It will save you a TON of money.

I’ve been doing web design for years, but I made my PW site in like an hour. It’s nothing fancy , but I did it all with a free template and very little effort.

Baton Rouge Pressure Washing

Can anyone give me feed back on our website please.

Thank you in advance.

Spray Away, Inc.
“Power Washing Your World Clean”
Serving DFW areas

Here is the link to the web site

I am not qualified to past judgement on a website because I have the prettiest website that no one has ever seen.

What are your goals for the website?

It’s a good start, but here’s a few things I’d advise:

Add a banner or two advertising something, and some more pictures. I would also clean up the bottom footer area, and center the water drop image.

Good job though!


Thanks. Main goal is to get new customers and to separate us from the cheap guys that do just a quick non quality job without insurance or reclaim recycle. Any advice is welcome.

Spray Away, Inc.
“Power Washing Your World Clean”
Serving DFW areas

Dude use Go Daddy. It’s SUPER easy and even does Google optimization. Check mine out. I pay like $20/mo and have only put in about 5 hours total creating it.

“9 years later”

Hey, the internet’s still a thing :rofl:

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GoDaddy sucks. They rank one of the worst on Google AND Bing.

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Cool story bro!


Youre entitled to your wrong opinion.

God bless you

It really sucks to try to sound cool and throw out a “bro” only to find out that you were wrong in calling someone else wrong doesn’t it.


I was going to say…winning “fastest way to build it” doesn’t mean it turns out any good…probably the opposite in most cases.

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You’re free to do whatever you want. “Fastest” web builder is nice. Ranking well on Google is much more important than how long is takes to design the site.

WordPress is cheaper in just about every facet of owning a website. WordPress is way more customizable. WordPress has comparable time to load speeds (~ half a second slower than GoDaddy) so really no difference there. WordPress has built-in SEO. WordPress is capable of expansion with plug-ins. WordPress has 10x the amount of storage.

It’s not even a competition. The fact that you think it’s even comparable is hilarious. Do some research. Here’s a good start:

It probably is the fastest because you basically just drag and drop stuff on a page and call it a website. It’s a glorified myspace page.

By the way, you claim that you can “kill all organics” on your website. Unless you’re actually trained, certified, and licensed for that, you may want to remove that from your website. 1) it’s false advertising and 2) if you’re not trained, certified, and licensed for that you are making statements that would lead one to believe you are. In some states, that’s impersonating a contractor. Not to mention the EPA and all of it’s little tentacles really doesn’t appreciate it.

Great advice! You did a good job trying to sound scary but I know my laws! Also…why you creepin

I wasn’t trying to scare you whatsoever. It’s the truth. There’s plenty of info on here from those who would know.

It’s not really creeping when you post your website for people to check out. Just trying to help you avoid a massive headache but it’s apparent to me that you’re more interested in trying to puff your chest out rather than learn anything so carry on with your bad self.