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I just got a costing to create a website and I was told by a friend that it can be done by yourself and there are templates available. Has anyone ever made this attempt? If so send me the link where I can view your site. Thanks

It’s not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. But I did it.

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Looks good. I am being charged $2500tt which works out to about $400Us. How much did this cost. I was told that templates are about $20Us and domain is $15.

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Check with Anya @… You get a awesome Discount and she knows the industry…

Laurie, stick to what you know and pay an expert to do your site. That’s why your in business. You do what others can’t do or don’t want to bother with doing. Look professional and have it done right the first time. Call Anya and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Before Anya, I spent about $1800 on my site and it was the best money I ever spent for ROI. I get probably 75% of my business off my site so trust me, it’s the best money you will ever spend.

I love the way a little green phone ‘call now’ button hovers in the bottom right when I view on my phone… some kind of witchcraft going down there lol

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Is this $1800 US ?

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Yes, but I don’t think Anya is that much especially with your PWRA discount, but I would tell you this, I would GLADLY pay 3 times that much without hesitation if I knew then what I know now. BY FAR, THE #1 TOOL IN MARKETING IS A FIRST CLASS WEBSITE WITH TOP NOTCH SEO. Let me ask you this, say you are going to build your website. You know all the SEO key words and placement and meta tags that you will need to rank in the search engines?? I would much rather have a crappy homemade looking website that ranks top in the searches than an awesome and amazing wowzer of a website that doesn’t have SEO. Think of me as your future self coming back from the future to give you advice…stick with what you know, washing houses. Why? Because YOUR A PRO AT IT. Let the pros do your website. Ill go so far as to say this. Out of everything I have ever heard on any board anywhere is a guy complaining he spent too much to have a great website that had great SEO’s. NEVER. NOT ONCE. I have heard some complain that they paid too much not to get the results from a hack that took their money, hence why I’m telling you the pro to go to that will take care of you. Anya. Search the boards anywhere for anyone complaining they paid too much to have the best SEO and website around. You won’t find anyone cause they don’t exist. Know why? Because its their top money earner! People will also judge you on how your website looks. Do you know why I land a lot of my jobs? People tell me all the time…MY PROFESSIONAL LOOKING WEBSITE. The $640 housewash/gutter scrub I did this week in 2 hours. I got that job because of my website and living social. I LOVE LIVING SOCIAL AND GROUPON!!! I should actually send them some money. I haven’t spent a dime with either but I love those people! That’s a story for another day.

Have you called Anya yet?

hi guys I am a new member and everthing on this site is very informative and helpful.
I am from Australia and I am wondering if Anya can help me to build me a website for my pressure cleaning business.Any help would be much appreciated.

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I don’t see why see why she wouldnt be able to. Check out her site Web Design Raleigh NC | National Award Winning Web Design

Laurie, I built mine and got it ranked for a few different local areas. Got it to spot number 1 actually which is really not hard to do if your trying to rank for your local area. That being said, I had to learn about web building from not know anything and had to learn about SEO from not knowing anything and that took a little while. Also I like to have my hands in whatever is being done and like to tinker around with things. If you got time on your hands and a willingness to learn then go for it.

Look into using WordPress to build your site. I use Godaddy and they let you install it on their servers which is nice and easy. WordPress also provides nice looking free templates to work with.
Also it might be nice to have some of the site done professionally if your not an artistic type like your logo/banner. Mine is still a work in progress.

I think it’s a great idea!!!

I mean we all encourage our customers to do they’re own pressure washing right? They will be able to do just a good of a job as we can right? It’s just pressure washing how hard can it be, right???

Does any of that make sense?

Leave it to a pro, call Anya.

If you use Anya your best bet is to join the PWRA first because you’ll then save hundreds off of her price since she offers discounts to PWRA members. Me personally I saved almost $800 off of my total package because I am a PWRA member. I also did most of the bells and whistles Anya offers so you may save less but you will easily save your PWRA membership cost… And then you get to market both:)

Unless your a pro at building websites and know about SEO’s etc… It’s best to leave it to the pro’s then. Just like the way wthin ink in business. Also time =$$$$$. By the time you master your website/SEO the odds is a good professional site builder/SEO master would’ve already made you thousands in your time lost.

So many people think they know how to do better then the good “Quality” professional who uses their expertise day in and day out such as us Powerwashers do. Repetition makes perfection or close to it.

I can’t stress it enough-- when your talking MONEY and how to make it, consider on bringing in the ones who you hear that are recommended in your industry. My last web designer was also Industry related and we did pretty good with him but after hearing so many good things about Anya we stepped it up a notch and it’s already paying off…

Because your talking “Your INCOME” at stake, the days of getting a friend, a neighbor etc. to build you a site that most kids can do anyway-- isn’t really the ones you want to be in the position to determine how much you can potentially make. -Food for thought-

I was down this road one time a few years ago. Had time, so I made a feeble attempt with TONS of time put into SEO and website. I didn’t become a professional until I bit the bullet and paid around $1800 for a website and SEO from a company who was the leader in the industry before Anya came along. THAT’S WHEN MY PHONE STARTED TO RING. My only regret was not doing it sooner. In order to be a professional, you have to look like one. A hokey site with mediocre SEO will get you no where. BEST ROI I have ever spent. My website probably gets me 75%-85% of my business. I currently rank #1 in just about everything for SEO but I don’t have much website competition either. I’m fixing to spend a couple more hundred dollars with Anya just to make sure I stay WAY AHEAD of my competition.

And that will be the second best money you’ll ever spend.

Maybe if I was paid in US$ I would got to Anya but with that exchange rate,.,wow, my first ever SoftWash system cost the same price and this is after the Pwra discount. I understand about the ranking but I don’t need to rank in the world, just Trinidad. I am sorry but that is a no no. I could even fly to anywhere in the US for that price.

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This is where I am at. What you think

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Looks good. You need to put your phone number up top as well. You don’t want people to scroll to the bottom just to find a number. I would also move your social media buttons to the top as well.

I see what you are saying but my thing is this, no customer is gonna stumble on our page by mistake and I expect them to want to know who we are and what we do and who we have done it for, so in that regard… A customer who is not interested in taking there time to gather info, is a customer whom I don’t mine NOT working for. Subliminally, it’s supposed to separate the sheep from the goats.

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