Buffer tank Option?

OK…seriously frustrated at the cost of the 100 gal + buffer tanks…not to mention the size wastes space in the bed of my truck. So…has anybody used the 55gal plastic tanks with removable lids as a buffer tank? I was thinking I could plumb 2 together (110 gal total), strap to cab side in the truck bed and be done for less than $30.

How many gallon a minute machine you running?

4 gpm belt drive

Unless you are needing remote water 1 55 gallon tank will be plenty.


I used a 55 gallon drum on my last rig. That was a waste of space. Round tanks don’t fit nicely anywhere. And I lost 5+ gallons of useable capacity from the top and bottom due to the shape, so I had an effective buffer capacity of only 40 gallons or so.


but two look better…more balanced :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a 200 gallon hide a tank I’ll sell ya :joy:

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I’d just get a 35 or 65 gallon leg tank from your local farm supply store. Install the Hudson valve in the lid to squeeze out a few more gallons of capacity.


Don’t do that, get a 65 gallon leg tank and be done with it. They are designed to be tied down and transported. You will make up the difference in price in half of one how wash.

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Ditto, my 65gal leg tank works great and my direct drive runs fine off it when at least half full.

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I think sometimes you guys mix up buffer tank and supply tank?

With a 4GPM why would you want to carry all that weight when you can run off a tap all day?

A smaller buffer tank would “buffer” any pressure drop and allow you to be off the trigger.

Huge tanks = huge GPM machines (or a 4GPM working remotely).


Agreed. You’re likely going to get at least 4 gpm on any spigot. There are probably a few unlikely exceptions though. You could probably get by with a 10-20 gallon buffer tank if space is limited. I would think you would be able to let off the gun for quite awhile with 10-20 gallons of water. At least long enough to do what you’re doing and get back to washing.


Get yourself a nice low profile tank like this.

50 gallons is plenty.

Using 50 gallon SH drums is a horrible idea.

It takes money to make money…

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For image reasons or? Thank you

  1. Its bulky, tall, and non transparent.

  2. Its will look like your carrying around 55 gallons of chlorine to everyone.

  3. Yes, it will look bad.

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Here’s my set up on a 5gpm belt driven. One is plenty. I now have a 100 foot hose so it stays in the truck on work days.


Thanks for the feedback. They’re not SH drums but I get your point. It just burns my butt to spend $179 for anything when the same capability can be had for $15. After the season gets kicking and I have 3 to 4 houses lined up each day I’ll use that dough to move up and build up a nice trailer rig. Until then, my preseason funds are shot.

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You nailed it…I was getting ahead of myself after looking at all the awesome rigs guys are building :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the purpose of that set up??

It all stays on the truck now. It allows my machine to get the proper gpm without having to worry if the customer has that coming out or there hose.

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