Brushless washing

What do you guys use for brushless washing? (safe for polished aluminum?)

Trey, aluminum is such a “soft” metal. It is very hard to find something that won’t streak when you wash it. For a detergent to be brushless is usually will have a very high alkalinity (high PH 12 or more). This will streak or stain the aluminum. We finally stop trying to use anything on polished aluminum trailers that did not have a neutral or very close to neutral PH. We no only use Classic Brown and and brush. Customers are very happy and we don’t streak the trailers. We do use our regular truck wash soap V-505 or R-109 on the under carriage.

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Mike, check your PM’s

Thanks for the post Trey. I just sent you a reply.

3500psi, 180+degree water, 12+ph detergent run upstream

What chemical are you using that is 12+ PH that won’t negatively impact polished aluminum?

Zep Powder Keg

I just checked the MSDS on Zep Powder Keg. It looks like a good mix for truck washing but I would be very hesitant to recommend it for polished aluminum. The sodium metasilicate has a tendency to leave small white streaks. It is not super noticeable after the first few cleanings but will build up over time. The shiner the polish the more noticeable the streaks. A neutral PH soap, that will most likely require brushing, is a much safer way to go. The stronger soaps can still be used on the under carriage since those area are not polished.

Also, if the polish has already been diminished then by all means don’t worry about maintaining the mirrored finish. Cleaning with a stronger soap will reduce the job time.

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Thanks for the info MHinderliter. Is there a specific detergent of a more neutral ph you would recommend?

Yes, we use R-111 Classic Brown in my truck and fleet washing service at Steamaway in Fort Worth Texas. It has a neutral PH and very mild on polished aluminum. You will most likely need to brush but you won’t get any streaking. The nice thing about this product is it also a wash and wax so you will get an added shine after use.

I hope that helps and good luck with your fleet washing.


Do you use the R-111 on all the trucks or just the ones with Polished Alum

What’s the best wash for auto detailing? Something with a wax built in? Just interested for my personal benefit

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Just on the polished aluminum trucks

The R-111 is a wash and wax product. You still need to rinse good but it leave a mild shine.

Great info

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Old thread… but in my opinion there is nothing truly 100% brushless out there. Even 2 stepping you will find times that you need to brush (less often then with soap and rinse)

Can anyone explain the differences between having high PH and low PH?, how does it affect paint or whats better for not leaving streaks when the water dries off. Thanks

Check your PM. I don’t use brushes for fleet washing

Do you 2 step?

whats your mix say for 55 gallon soap tank ? says 1/2 per gallon but then says you can mix again I like to have a better idea of actual amout of soap for a 55 gallon tank