Brushless washing


Donyoubuse a buffertank with the water prepared?


Hello! Can you PM me too with that info? Thanks in advance!


Iā€™m interested in this as well. I currently run a small oilfield services company cleaning the interiors of frac tanks and such but have been offered a side gig that i will have to set up a mobile unit for to clean a small fleet of 15 trucks and 30 stainless steel tankers twice per month at $50 per unit.
What do i need for this particular set up? How much time is a realistic expectation per unit and so forth?
I have been fulltime in this industry for years but the only exteriors I wash on a regular basis are some of the winch trucks that bring me the frac tanks. Being under Railroad commission oversight at my full time job, frankly I do the exterior washes at a break even price as a customer service. This job would be my first mobile fleet wash.



Here is what i do for brushless washing. My 2 go two chemicals ( ihave tried multiple different brands) are magnum k and safety bright from Omega chemicals. Jerry is a great guy. Saftey bright i ds a 50/50 mix if its polished aluminium as its a hot chemical. My ds is 20.1 The magnum k i use straight. If alot of exhaust staining on the truck u will have to hit with a quick brush by the stacks. But hardly ever. I do the top and then one side at a time. It takes me around 30min for a truck but used to be an hour until i got everything set up. Let me know if you have any more questions


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Do you upstream you magnum k sir ?


High ph is a caustic, low ph is an acid. You would not want to use a really high or low ph on paint.