Brown vinyl shake oxidized

The walnut brown vinyl shake was oxidized. Used a .8% solution after DS and let dwell for about 2 minutes. Now the vinyl shake looks even more oxidized. Did it on a 70* day under an overcast sky. Tried to remove with Protool building cleaner, which has worked for me before, and now it looks even more oxidized.

You are gonna have to post pictures. Hard to guess what you mean without seeing it


Yeah I’ll have to grab some when it is light out. The walnut brown color is greyish except close to the eve where shade is cast on the vinyl often

It looks the same…those shakes are known for looking “discolored”. A lot of time they come like that from the manufacturer.

If anything maybe you cleaned a little mold/algae off.

The picture with the shutter is a neighbor with same color shake. You can see the oxidized color change about a foot away from the eve. The pic with the window without shutters is the house I cleaned. It used to look like the neighbors house. It turned that color after DSing a 4:1 mix (4gal 10% SH:1 gal H20:5 Oz gain laundry). My surfactant did not arrive in time. The rest of the house looks normal, shiny and clean. I tried to fix the oxidizing with Protool Building cleaner mixed at 96oz protool to 1 gal H20 as listed in directions. I kept wet and rinsed, probably not with enough pressure. I was unable to scrub with the protool on the shake.
Heading back now to scrub with a pump spray of strong house wash mix and zep house wash. Gonna try some wax as well.

You just keep throwing more chemicals on top of that and hoping that will fix it. Slow down. Research for a few days and come up with a plan of attack. Spraying on hot house wash mixes and other junk is not a plan of attack.

I have been researching. Seems to be no definitive answer. I have removed oxidation with protool and some scrubbing plenty of times. This one is not budging.
Also, no white wipes off on the fingers. So now that I have gotten up to check it I am thinking not oxidation, just vinyl that wasn’t washed for 3 years that is of low quality. Still not sure what could have caused it. I stay in the low side of SH.

The rest of the house looks normal as usual

I’m not too good at math but I think that’s a much hotter mix then you think.
50/50 works on roofs but yea 75/25 will definitely fade some tan siding especially if you didn’t pre wet.
Buy a quality surfactant.
Another surface burned ,another lesson learned, keep on no pennies earned.
Hey I rhymed.

You’re right, 80/20 would be 8%. But once DS’d at 10:1 it comes out at .8%. Algae mold and mildew generally don’t start to disappear for 3-5 minutes and never fully disappear without a rinse. Surface was pre wet and it was raining.

I eyeball my mix start weak go up. DS one size orfice smaller and have never faded siding. I do however test spot in un noticeable places in front of the customer on gutters, siding, pretty much anything not white.

Also I can’t tell either the top of the bottom photo is drying or you didn’t fade it out along with the rest of the shake.
I guess that was your test spot

The shake is dry in the pictures. The part closer to the eve is just darker IMO due to being shaded almost all day while the rest is beat on by sun all day. I have never faded hardi or vinyl before and find it hard to believe that such a low mix would have had this effect. The top part is also not as faded as the bottom and both got the same treatment.

Then LA, GB, Scrub scrub
I don’t really understand what the point is if you say it’s not oxidation and not sh Burn.

Option 3 replace

I mean maybe it is burn. Trying to figure out how it is burn with a low mix. And if so do you think the LA or GB and scrubbing could remove, or is it DOA?

Are you saying it didn’t look like this before you washed it? Did it get any worse with the things you tried?

It looked faded before I washed, but now it looks more faded. Reference pic with shutter as color pre-wash and pic without shutter for color post wash.
It got slightly worse when I tried to remove what appeared to be oxidizing with the Protool building cleaner oxidation remover.

If it was burn, wouldn’t the metal roof under it flash as well?

I’ve never heard of protool building cleaner before do you have a link? It looks to be fall out not oxidation. It’s always along the top end of the siding about 1-2 feet down. Clip a rag to a scrub brush on a extension pole and use a purple degreaser like zep purple to try to remove it. Not sure where you got the idea to use wax or zep house wash but that’s not the route to go at all.

Wax on oxidized cars helps. I understand they are different compounds but just gave it a shot in the corner as it can’t do any damage. Zep house wash was just a an idea.
Here is a link to protool at J.Racenstein. It’s similar to zep purple.
I have used it for oxidation before with great results.

It could definitely do some damage as it could leave another mark which will then be your fault. According to the sds of that protool stuff it’s similar to other purple degreasers that I was referring to. Maybe it just looked worse because it was wet? Not sure how your SH would affect it… At this point I would really proceed with caution as you don’t want to make it worse. Next time you will pay attention to the house before you wash it and set expectations to your customer. You should know stains like that (fall out) won’t come out with your standard house wash process.