Bronze Anodized Aluminum Restoration

So, I need to get this fixed. Only chemicals I’ve used so far are OneRestore and A.R.T. Nothing seems to be working or helping at this point. Here are pictures of what I’m dealing with. I would be figuratively speaking be forever indebted to anyone who can help me solve this problem because it’s about to drive me nuts.

What caused it?

I wish I knew amigo. They are putting the blame on me (which I don’t want to get in too much detail about because I’m simply trying to fix it).

All I’ve done is one restore on the windows, never let dry, rinsed THOROUGHLY and religiously…and still here we are.

I OR’d the whole frame set, scrubbed, rinsed, let dry, applied ART to try and fix it and honestly didn’t make it better or worse.

Basically I’m either going to fight it, fix it, or fork out the money at this point.

But I’d really like to fix it.

I’d try a small test spot with some la awesome or gutter butter. If you’ve tried everything in the book with no luck I’d hire a painter. I’m sure the cost won’t be too bad. Best of luck.

Try, Everbrite protective coating… We use it to restore faded oxidized bronze frames.

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I’m guessing you don’t have before photos to prove you didn’t cause this? Hope it works out. Always take before photos.

Fortunately there’s a lot of evidence to prove it wasn’t me without photos. I used one restore across the entire building with all anodized aluminum frames and had zero issues with any other frames.

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I think this is a little more intense of a problem than just oxidation.

I’m not saying you have oxidation… but if stuck between paying for it or fixing it, this stuff works. Good luck!

Should I take the ART off first before applying this?

It needs to be applied to clean dried surface. It cures really fast, so test it on a area first and you’ll know.

Just curious, why did you use onerestore across the entire building? Did all of the panes have mineral staining?

I’m confused why you feel the need to solve a problem you didn’t create then. Especially if you can prove it was there to begin with. I hope @Oakley’s suggestion works regardless!

I was zooming in on the images uploaded and looks like hardwater stains.

Was this there when you started? If so, the onerestore didn’t remove it completely… if that’s the case hold off on everbrite. It’s a resin like A.R.T., it’ll seal in the stain.

Hopefully it’s not dried Onerestore, they use a lot of surfactant making it hard to rinse. But I’m sure you know that… as always good luck man

I have a buddy who recommends the Black Diamond stain remover that WCR sells. He had the same issue with metal frames and this stuff cleaned it up.


You should call eaco chem and ask them.

This is what they say with ART So I am wondering if this is a failed coating.
Thorough clean with OneRestore is necessary before coating. The product can be misted or wiped on undiluted. Rubbing with a nylon scrubbing pad may be necessary if surface is badly stained. Thoroughly rinse. After drying, the surface should be ready for application. If an unexpected film appears, normally indicates a failed coating. If reapplying OneRestore does not remove the residue, use
AcryliStrip. Mist or wipe on AcryliStrip and pressure rinse off. Let dry then proceed to coat with A.R.T.

Was it hot out when you used the OneRestore? You have to cool surfaces down prior to application. Can cause chemical flash. Also can never allow the OneRestore to dry, needs to be kept wet at all times, working in the sun is really hard. I do this type of work early morning or later in the evening. They would need to prove I did it before I went through all this trouble…if you didn’t cause it. I take a ton of before and after, also video everything prior to working. I hope it works out for you either way…

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Just a quick Update…

Went out there today and did some test areas with one restore again with longer dwell time. 2 applications, back to back, 5 minute dwell times each.

Come to find out it really is just super hard water staining/streaking on the frames.

Not my doing, and will only become a problem for the right price.