Brick with moss in between

Hey folks scored a job today on moss removal inbetween these bricks. How should I tackle this? I was thinking Pump spray 50/50 mix and agitate with push brush then rinse. Any help greatly appreciated.

Might want to mow it first.


Walk away from it. If they aren’t set in concrete it’s easier to not do them.

I value your opinion I just don’t understand why it can’t be done with 50/50 mix and hit with a push brush followed by a low pressure rinse. I hate to walk away from a paying customer.

Maybe it can be done. This is a pressure washing forum so my advice tends to run in that vein. Scrubbing grass with a brush is not goung to make you money. Low pressure rinse won’t clean it. If you drove out, looked at it, took a pic, posted it here for advice ans then have to drive back out to do the job you have already lost money. Just my thoughts. They may be completely wrong but you asked. If a customer wants me to come to their house to give an estimate I tell them I’m not interested. Problem solved.


I agree with Innocent ( so he says, LOL) - lots of PITA in that job. If not in concrete, you’re going to have holes where the moss comes out. Is customer going to want you to re-sand or what? If you plan on doing that sucker by hand going to take you most of day. Is customer willing to pay $700-$800 to get done?

Plus your method is wrong. But can’t tell you right way until I know what the base is.

Main redeeming feature of that job is that there will be some great before and afters

Agree with the guys above if the brick isn’t set in concrete. It will be a tough job that will require resanding afterwards. Bid it accordingly

I have completed jobs similar to post. Using a roof mix will kill alot of the moss. It will not be a simple job but if you are needing work, its really not that big of a deal. The last one I did, even had same center design was 2k including sealing. The client did not want the sand replaced and it came out fantastic. By the picture it has obviously been there for a minute so they are probley setting good.Roof mix, pressure washed off moss, then used my 16’ Mosmatic to clean. Eazy peazy IMO…most clients in that situation realize that they have NOT maintained properly and are needing a “better appearance” I would NOT due just for pic’s though. $$$ !

Looks like you could get that stuff with a weedwacker. Just sell them sanding and sealing too

Don’t waste time either, Quote them a house wash, roof wash, patio, etc. Sell sell sell

I love those kind of jobs. They are simple and it sounds like you have the right process. I would p.w the heavy stuff with a wand than spray 50/50 and go back over with a surface cleaner. Sweep in sand and be done with it unless they want a sealer on it. Hopefully they do which drives up the price.

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Great job! Keep up the good work.

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glad u didn’t walk away…
and made some money
some forget they days when u need to make some money.
some day u to will have more $ than u need then u can walk away
some day u to will be to big for your britches…

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So… how did you clean it?

High pressure tip every crack and crevice also the tops of course. We resanded the cracks and topped it off with Thompson’s water seal.

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Wow. Did you tell them out was thompsons or just sneak it in there? I still stand by my original comments. Should have walked away. Now you’re on the hook when they call nack in a month or so after the seal is gone. Good luck.

I informed the customer I was using thompsons. He was stoked after, even said he wants me to reseal after winter.

If you were going to do all that work, why in the world did you put Thompsons on it. Since you had to resand could have put sealnlock or several other products that work.

That’s like spending $250k restoring an antique car and then carrying it to Maaco to get the paint done on it.