Bought used setup, need advice on parts/tune up

So I picked up a used pressure washer and trailer. Ran it for 5 mins and has power runs great in my opinion. I think it was an old hot water unit where the hot water tank was removed.

Now, what should I do to freshen it up? And can I still get parts for it? Like the belt?

Newbie could only upload one pic

Is the belt suppose to be split in two like this?

Why are you wanting to replace them? They are not split it’s two different belts that are alike. You should replace them with BX series belts. Measure the outside diameter with something like 2" masking tape, subtract 2" and add BX to the front of what you end up with. 38" O.D. would be a BX36 belt.

Good to know. That’s why I’m here, not sure where to start. I thought it was a single belt that split into two. I want to replace any maintenance items and freshen it up. It runs strong but I don’t want a break down when I go into the field with it.

Why are you wanting to replace them?

Do they seem fine?

I don’t know, I can’t see them. Why do you keep skating around my question?

The belts look old and don’t have much tension. Does this answer the question properly for you?

I said it up above, I want a fresh start with maintenance items

Get a new air cleaner,spark plug,change oil in motor 10w30… and pump 30w ND,run sea foam in the fuel for a tank full,then get new in line fuel fuel filter,or install one if one isn’t present ,and check fuel line for wear,replace if needed,get new pull cord ,just incase,probably dry rotted. And new belts, get all that at auto prts store,bring them the belts. Also get battery checked out. Those 390 's are pretty much bulletproof. Nice find… And switch that unloader around to bypass back to tank


Thanks, that’s what I was thinking, just confirming with the experts. It runs strong, all is connected. But I will do new fuel lines plus the rest you mentioned.

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You got me there with that unloader turn around…:thinking:

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Your unloader is recirculating back to the inlet side of the pump. Reroute it to bypass into your buffer or supply tank that way you always have fresh, cool water going through your pump. If not, you’ll be replacing the pump prematurely.

Here’s what I got

Yes, I see that. The unloader on the upper left side of the picture is routed back to the inlet side of your pump. That’s fine as long as you never allow it to run longer than 30 seconds or so without pulling the trigger to allow the trapped water to escape and bring in fresh water to recirculate.

Or, as suggested, reroute the bypass hose to a buffer or supply tank where it can bypass to the tank and then you can be off of the trigger for as long as you like because you’ll always be pulling in fresh water from the tank.

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Hold up. We may be speaking in terms that you’re not familiar with. Is this your first machine? Are you just getting into the business?

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First machine besides a Home Depot Ryobi I had a few years ago. This set up came with a 25 gal tank, guy used it for soft washing. But plumbing, once I get there I would need the proper advice

Pretty simple really. The last picture you posted shows the unloader and inlet side of your pump. The inlet currently has a garden hose fitting so that you can hook up to a house spigot. You’ll want to swap that out for a brass hose barb. Then you just need to plumb from your tank to that hose barb with a strainer filter somewhere in between the two. Then, unhook the unloader (the thing on the top in the second picture that has a black adjustment knob) hose and lengthen it (replace it with longer hose) so that it will reach to your 25 gallon tank. Though, I would suggest going up to a 65 gallon tank at minimum. Then when you’re off the trigger the water will be continuously passing through the pump which will help keep it cool.

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Go to the home page of this site and find the thread that says “Redirected to Window Cleaning Forum”. Near the top of that thread is a link for the site search (it is currently messed up and will hopefully be fixed soon). Click on that link and then type in the terms you want to search such as plumbing, maintenance, etc. Then read, read, read. You don’t even know how much you don’t know but you soon will. Welcome to the forum.