Booking/scheduling/invoicing sites?


When using Housecall Pro did you guys purchase it?
Looking into it now and just wondering?
Are there any other free sites to use to handle booking/scheduling/invoices?

Thanks in advance for the help!


I use HCP. It’s been good, but I don’t think I’d sign up at their current rates. They still have a ways to go with the system.

Others to consider are:

  • The Customer Factor
  • Jobber
  • Joist
  • Square
  • Breezeworks


I started a different thread so I don’t blow up this one, but changed the name of your post @FarrellPW so things don’t get confusing.


I just got off the phone with Housecall Pro Technician he was very helpful and it was beneficial. It’s $49 a month paid monthly, reduced to $39 a month paid annually. Really like the site and all that it offers but I will be looking into Joist, especially since its free.


To start off Joist seems to be a good first choice. HCP and Customer Factor are better tools but run about $50 per month.


Do any of these services integrate with my Android phone contacts? I’m a fan of the Google universe and I like to have everything there. I know Joist, for example, has an option to “import” contacts. But that seems like a one-time thing. I want it seamless. I don’t want to enter customer information in both places. So when a customer calls, their name pops up and I can say, “Hello, Ying Xu”. Or if I get a text message about rescheduling a job, I don’t have to figure out who it is. I have a lot of Asian customers. I am grateful for them, but the names screw me up so bad. Sometimes I’ll have a whole phone conversation, pretending to remember somebody and then I have to go back to my records to figure out who I just talked to.


I use Customer Factor. I love it and it is much cheaper than House Call Pro. It has a lot of the same features as HCP. It’s made my life a million times easier.


For what you get with it it’s more then worth it. Let’s be honest… it’s less then your cable bill. From professionality alone, you’ll triple your business with referrals alone.


With HCP you can upload from your Droids contacts. It will also pull caller id so you know who you are chatting with even if you don’t have them saved in your phone.


Gotta be honest, this isn’t a very helpful reply (to me or your company’s image).

First off, I loathe cable and think it’s a horrible waste of money. I don’t mind other power washers or window cleaners telling me I’m being a cheapskate, but it’s tacky for a vendor to point it out.

Second, it would have been nicer to reach out to me with something like: “let me setup a call with you to make sure you’re making the best use of our software.” Granted, I’m a little too busy for such a session right now, but it would have been a more professional, helpful way to respond.

Third: please elaborate on how HCP is supposed to get me more referrals? I got plenty of referrals prior to using HCP. I’m lousy with formal tracking, but I never noticed any large uptick in referrals. If I’m missing an opportunity there, I’d love to know about it.


Alex, I’m always happy to take a call. I’m on an old employees profile who is no longer here, but feel free to reach out to me anytime. My name is Matt and I am the community manager here at HCP. My cell is 805-367-6191.

Completely understand about cable, hahaha I don’t have it either but it’s the analogy that makes it powerful (insert monthly subscription here)

With HCP’s re-marketing capabilities it allows you to stay on your customers with full automation. Once you complete a job, you can have emails going out per the schedule to set them to. 1 week, 1 month, 6 month, a year, etc. You only have to set that feature up once!

Staying top of mind for existing customers will get you more jobs. It’s 10x more effective to re-market to existing customers then it is acquiring new ones.


Agreed. Kind of a bonehead thing to say, frankly. I mentioned to HCP that Ruben disappeared from the group, they told me he was no longer with the company. Yet, someone came back to respond as Ruben.

Then we get you @Matt_Bonfiglio

I love HCP and given my best effort to let people know about it and my love for it. Now, we get this guy who’s manners are less than respectable. You know who that reflects on? Me.

Can we get someone from HCP that treats us like we’re paying them a monthly fee? Because we are.


Neither here nor there I apologize if my response was disrespectful as that wasn’t the intention. I’m here to help and answer questions and offer solutions. I hope we can re-establish this relationship. I do sincerely apologize. I posted my cell phone number in this thread already. give me a call day or night


That’s OK. If your default response is akin to sell us something like a used car with a 15 day warranty, then we’d rather have somebody else anyway. No hard feelings.


This is a tough group to regain footing with. And I mean that wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, your first response turned you into the Comcast guy.


Go with Housecall. I’ve used it for 3 years and it keeps getting better all the time. Whatever you get will require you to build your office systems around it and since Housecall is taking the long view of things, It’s going to grow with you. Honestly, the marketing email feature and the postcard reminder features alone are worth the price of admission. Not to mention the notifications. My customers rave about the text notifications.

Use this link to get a free demo


Or simply, where do you feel it’s lacking in value?

@FarrellPW I’m still with @steve though. Of the other options out there, they’d have to pay me to use it to even consider a switch from HCP.


Housecall is the bomb. No matter what CRM you use there will limitations but HCP has literally revolutionized my business. For one thing my office is completely paperless and my customers can pay online and every customer and transaction is auto entered in Quickbooks.


Alex, you’re being a little sensitive here honestly. If you have questions about the software you’re using then reach out to them. I’m not even sure Matt was replying to you and ( I see he was) his comparing it to cable was perfectly acceptable, in my humble opinion.


Perhaps I overreacted a bit. I guess I hold vendors to a higher standard of conduct than the general population of forumites who are sharing knowledge purely from the goodness of their hearts.