Blue trees

Had a customer request help getting the blue coloring off of these trees.

Here’s some more details:
“Casey, it’s not a brand. The colorant was developed by Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos. It’s a non-toxic, non-hazardous and organic water-based colorant, safe for plants, animals or insects. The project is called The Blue Trees. He’s done it around the world.”

I guess these question is which “green” chem could I use to get this blue colorant off of these tree? Or which method would you guys use? Would EBC work for this?


I work with colorant every day and depending on what he used you may have a pure mess on your hands. True colorant is highly concentrated and almost “Grows” when it gets wet. A drop can stain a large area once water gets on it.

I could tell you more if you know what it’s made up with.

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Thanks for the input, I dont know what it’s made of. I texted her to ask and the reply that I put in the post is what she replied back with. I tried to look it up online and haven’t found anything.

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Welllllll then I’m afraid I’m not much help then. Hopefully its something closer to the colored “chalk run” colorant rather than true paint colorant. Because I can’t imagine the mess that getting that much blue colorant would make. Honestly straight water might be your safest bet.

He said it, not me.


Lol! thanks guys!

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Wait a min, no I did… oh wait I did… carry on!

But yeah dude without knowing what that is do not touch it.

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Pass. Good grief.

They even stained the limbs for Pete’s sake.

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I wonder what’s going to happen when it rains.

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Depends, either absolutely nothing and it gives the grass a blue cast for a few days if they used chalk, or literal rivers of blue runoff staining everything it touches if they used paint colorant.

Tell her to call her painter. If he has some brown paint leftover he can paint her house too.


That’s actually a brilliant idea.

I actually made a mistake and put this in the residential category when may e I should’ve put it in another one. These blue trees are actually in front of city hall, not the lady’s house. It was some sort of art thing. It’s been Rou d in my city since 2018 and now they want it gone. She said they used brushed then small amounts of water to get the blue stuff off, but I do t want to use that method, that’s why i was looking to see if there’s any chems I can use to help get rid of it.

No way ide touch that, but if you do, protect that concrete at all costs, you will never get the blue out of it.

I would just use a little pressure. See what happens. As mentioned without knowing what kind of paint or colorant was used we’re just guessing. Try some different chems and see what happens.

People are strange. Must have read too many dr. Seuss books as a kid.


Its Palo Alto, in the bay are. Just about as strange as they come my friend.


Yea I don’t believe in disrupting nature like that. If I’m killing an animal it’s to eat. I don’t even like screw in tree stand steps because they can severely damage trees. Tie some ribbon around the old oak tree and leave it be!

But yes, I would run from this job… well I don’t run unless something really scary is chasing me. But you get the point.


There…That’s more believable. :grin:


Just looking at it, how would you reach the upper limbs? I can’t believe this jackwagon would stain a tree without instructions how to get it off.

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