Blue stucco!


Hey guys got a stucco house that the front side is blue( I am sure it’s painted ) rest is vinyl will my house wash take that paint off the stucco ??

Oxidation removal

Don’t wash blue, red, brown or green


Is that just vinyl ?? Or stucco too… owner says if it don’t come clean he will paint the stucco


I was gonna take a pic of the blue house I washed last week @Innocentbystander just ro rib ya a little and forgot to. It’s my 4th blue house. But I worry about the day it bites me. I do, however, warn them up front and make them understand there is that possibility.


What’s the issue with those colors? I’ve done several of the older light blue vinyl houses but never encountered green or red.


My the house I am looking at has a blue front stucco and white vinyl siding on the sides and back … just worry about that stucco don’t have a roof pump yet and don’t know is ds will get it clean enough


He’s talking about Dryvit or stucco and sometimes hardy plank. The crappy paint especially by Sherwin Williams will lose pigment when bleach is used at higher concentrations and the house will change color. Brown to green, that sort of thing.


Blue stucco?


I’m pretty sure William is talking about vinyl siding. He’s made that comment many times in the past.

No I’ve done blue vinyl houses.

And you can just do a test spot and see the results. But my experience is dirty dryvit/stucco requires a much stronger mix than you can downstream.


Oh ok, makes sense. I haven’t dealt with that yet thankfully. In my area stucco isn’t very popular. 90% of my customers are brick, stone or vinyl. All the hardly plank I’ve ever done has been white or yellow. Good to know for the future though


I have a ips pro sprayer gun going to try and use that with like a 3 percent mix and see what it does



Steve, I’ve read all about the paint issues SW had. It’s possible I’ve mistaken what William has said in the past but I’m still pretty sure he’s always said to not wash those colors of vinyl homes. At least, that was what I always took from it. I very well may have misunderstood him, though.


Has anyone ds straight 12.5 in stucco ??


Hmmm, well I’d be interested in knowing because I do all those colors of vinyl (except green) all the time. Did a brown Saturday and doing a yellow tomorrow and both are repeat customers.


I’ve done all those colors too with never a problem.


Ive done many colored houses with no problem. Blue, yellow, pink, brown, green.
Just do a test spot on every wall to make sure. My test is usually a very hot 4-5% mix so i know my normal mix wont have any problems.


I scheduled my first stucco house today. Doesn’t look too bad. My usual mix is 3 gal of 10%+2 gal of water DS’d. I think I’ll go 4 or maybe straight 10% and see how it goes. I wish I got more suds with elemonator because I would like to see a longer cling time. Here is a pic of the house. I wanted to get some feedback from some of y’all that have done a fair amount of stucco. They’re not real popular around here either. Although I’m noticing more “multi-surface” homes that have a little stucco sections here and there.


What’s up with the stains on the piece above the stone work?


Your mix will be too weak DS’d. You can DS stucco if its not too dirty but those white trim pieces above the stones will need a 3% + mix or a lot of applications. The front pic is not too bad from what i can tell other than the white trim pieces, but if there is black mold on the house you will need roof strength.

MAKE SURE TO DO A TEST SPOT. Take a pump up make a 50/50 mix apply to a small section give it some time and make sure no change in color.