Blue stucco!


I gave him the quote yesterday and he told me do it whenever I could. I did mention to him that I wanted to come back and do a test spot to know what I was dealing with as far as what my chemical application would be. Should I agitate it at all with a brush? Like I said. First stucco house and I’ve been kind of avoiding them. This house is in a great location so I really want to do it well.


I do a test spot on pretty much all houses, you never no when a yellow house will go to pink. Never had a problem, but i dont plan on painting a whole house.
I dont have to agitate stucco really, buy on really bad spots it could help. Most of the time a strong mix and dwell will take care of it. There are times when you can DS stucco, you just have to know when. I DS straight undiluted anyways on all houses. Its the black mold you have to worry about most of the time, you could DS the whole house then come back with a pump up or “roof set up” for the harder stuff.

For me stucco house take a lot longer, but thats also due to the fact that most stucco in my area are bigger million+ dollar homes that are complex.


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Yea the golden doodle was chilling. My son came along with me for the estimate. That’s him stumbling around in the pic. I think I’ll downstream straight first and follow up with a pump sprayer. I think I was way too cheap. The front will be the toughest but the roofline on the sides and back is ridiculously simple with minimal staining. I think it’s 2400 sqft and I said $300. He said when can you do it? I’m still really new and I’m comfortable with my prices but I don’t want to get to the point where I’m wondering could I have gotten another $100 maybe $200 here and there. :thinking:


How’d this one turn out for you?


It turned out pretty good. Since then I’ve added a 12V system but can usually downstream stucco houses because I run straight 12% now.


Gotcha. Yea im working on adding my 12v now. Have it all purchased just working on creating more room!


Build up. I bought a used bandit skid. Pretty small footprint.