Bleach Smell In Entire House

My house was pressure washed today and it now smells like bleach inside and out!
I don’t know what the person who did it used but there were about 8 gallons of bleach in the front yard next to his pressure washer.
Any suggestions besides spraying the outside with water from a hose?

Yes, call whoever washed your home and work it out with them personally.


Are you saying that he spilled 8 gallons of bleach in your yard or that you saw 8 - 1 gallon bleach bottles next to his machine while he was cleaning the house?

I saw 8 1-gallon bottles next to his machine

Well that’s not very professional. He should have atleast hid the bottles and used a cover scent in the bleach. Lol

For real though…bleach is how you wash a house the most efficiently and effectively.


Most people like the smell but it should go away in a day or two. I washed a white vinyl back yard fence today and used a 3% bleach solution. The whole neighborhood smelled like bleach and the homeowner and the pest control tech both loved it. To each his own I guess.


All professional power washers use bleach to clean houses. The smell is unavoidable and will go away within hours. If you saw bleach bottles and were concerned you should have inquired with him why he was using bleach. I’m sure he would have clarified any questions you had. I assume since you posted your question here you didn’t speak to him.
I disagree with @SurfaceTherapy in that I am a professional and I don’t use a cover scent. I’m sure he didn’t mean it to come across in that manner.

I agree with @Clean_Blue, from the bottles it sounds as if he’s fairly inexperienced but he is doing the right thing using it instead of blasting away at your siding and causing damage to your home.

While the smell may be unpleasant it is the industry standard and there isn’t much much out there that can clean as fast, safe, and effectively as it.

I talked to my pulmonologist the other day because I was a bit concerned for my long term health. He said bleach is an irritant and isn’t going to cause any long term damage such as cancer or scarring.


Heck, you could probably use diesel fuel as a cover scent since you’re lucky enough to mainly clean vacation homes when they’re sitting empty. I’m so jealous.


8 gallons of bleach…hopefully they weren’t all used on one house…unless this is a massive house.

Good to know about the long term effects I was concerned.

It’s not a big house and it’s brick so he was just doing the overhang.

Thank you for all your responses. I appreciate it. :grinning:

The first part of my post was very much sarcasm. I thought I made it pretty obvious.

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Now let’s back up a second.

If the bleach smell is really strong and obvious they may have been using a horribly strong mix. Normally we use a 1% or less concentration when doing a standard housewash. If he’s got 8 gallons of empty pool shock jugs sitting around, he’s using way too much as I typically go through 2-3 on a small house.

If it’s stucco you could use 8 gallons on a decent home

But what if it was just dollar store bleach? That’s more likely considering that he was setup with his equipment in the yard surrounded by 1 gallon jugs.

I always run it hot with my proportioner, 10-15 gal isn’t out of the question for me

Not on a small house you don’t. One story, brick, soffits only.

Well yea if I’m only hitting the soffits but that isn’t the case here