Bleach safe work boots

G’day everyone,
Can anyone tell me what the best pair of boots are for working with bleach (besides rain boots). Looking for something easy to work in but durable enough to keep out the SH. Ordered some that were water proof but fell apart after a good soaking in SH on a job.

Everything’s gotta be polyester or itll deteriorate. I will say cougar paws have been a lifesaver for doing roofs. Although their sole is almost like a sponge and will track mud eve where if they get wet

Cougar paws? Is that the brand? Thanks btw

Thank you for the heads up. I’ll check them out.

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Yeah they’re made for roofing, grip like crazy

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:+1:thanks again.

Check out xtratuf. Amazing.

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Several threads here with very different recommendations but I like Muck boots. I have mid calf height.

This is what I wear. Comfortable.

Love mine. They fit great too. I got a 12 and they’re great on the length but they’re the perfect width for my foot.

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Thanks for letting me know. Appreciate it. I’ve got some trying on to do now with all these great reviews for the boots you guys have sent. Enjoy the weekend guys.

I had the tall boots and retired them after using these for a day. Now I wash in these every time and wouldn’t go back. No chafing on the calfs, light, grip well. Dry feet!

I just bought my 1st pair of the xtratuf and it was a light rain out the first day I wore them. My feet were soaked. They are very comfortable but a little too open at the top.

Thanks for the info but I’ll have to say that I thought that style (like huk boots) looked s little open for me too.

Xtratuff and Huk crack at the joint where your toes bend. The crack lets lots of water in. I’ve tried a few glues but to no success. I just ordered tire patches with vulcanizing glue to try and repair. Shame to get rid of a shoe that’s 90% good cuz of a crack in rubber. Every single one gets the crack at about 2-3 months in.