Bleach mix ratio

I know everyone uses something different but 5 gal bucket 8.5 bleach can I pour 2 gallons in and the some soap and how much water if any???

Top it off. and run your own experiments. Not many people use 8.5 % here… ( assuming)… Does someone want to take a poll and see ? Am I wrong again ?

Their are a lot of factor that determine your final ratio coming out of the gun. For House washing the mix should be at ± 1% for a lot of surfaces. WIth 8.5 i would go straight no water added if you DSing. No one really knows what percent their at, as bleach degrades with UV and time. If your mix isnt working fast enough then more SH and less water. If it killing mold the second your mix hits it, then add more water. Just play around with you mix and find what you like.


^ This.

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Plus one.

I’m still using 8.25% from the dollar store. I don’t power wash every day, and all the pool suppliers around me charge exorbitant prices for 10% or 12.5%. So I put up with the gallon jugs for now.

My house wash mix is usually around 7 parts bleach, 3 parts water, and about 8 or 9 ounces of elemonator for a 10 gallon batch. This seems to do the trick for me.

For reference, I’m running a 5.5 gpm machine with a 3-5 gpm injector. If you’ve got an 8 gpm machine, you’ll need a stronger mix.


Be careful with your mix. You can kill or burn lots of plants and grass. Trust me I’ve had it happen more than once. Just remember… rinse rinse and rinse again

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The key is to pre-soak.religiously --all the raw wood around the house ,plants, EVERYTHING !

You don’t want to spot up any raw wood ( decks, fences, etc )

… The rinsing of the plants will happen when you rinse the house.

There won’t be any sense of urgency rinsing the plants because they won’t really need it.

I’ll wash a house and then go to a driveway for over 2hrs. and go back and rinse the house …This is

routine and no plants ever get burnt.

Never start off “hot” …and reduce.That’s bad advice. Start off weak and then add .

ATTENTION do not leave soap on a house for two hours. This guy is intentionally trying to screw with you. He is not a contractor.


He’s a complete well I don’t think I can say his advice is top notch…lol
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Not sure what the big deal is… I do it all the time.Been doing it for years. Then again–i’m using bleach and water , and a spot of Dawn soap…Never any problems.The house and windows look awesome !! Now this Elemonator stuff…there’s no telling what happens if you leave it on real estate for an hour or 2 … Why don’t you tell us – Mr. Pro. Does it damage stuff ?

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What happens when you leave Elemonator on real estate for a long period of time ?
Does this magic solution have to be rinsed immediately ? I think someone needs to inform the new guys here.
You never addressed the issue !

WoW…this is exactly why I stay away from it.

Eliminator can stay on longer than just bleach. It keeps the windows from hazing over as bleach only will. Bleach must be rinsed in about 10 minutes. Less when in direct sunlight. To suggest 2 hours is just screwing with newbies. If the things you say you do you actually do i feel sorry for your customers


I have a different process than most. I don’t singe the house with bleach like most other guys.When it’s all said and done I apply my solution twice , and then go to the other 1/2 of the house.Thus it’s a weaker solution (twice )…This is why I like to set up quick and get to work. I still wash quick though and thorough – because of a quick set up time. I will not accept your advice on rinsing in 10 minutes. I know what i’m doing and it’s never caused ( 1 ) issue. Sorry… Now you’re really scaring the newbie.

To late. You have been troll replaced. Good try though. You may not be a washing contractor but you are persistent lol.

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