Bleach mix ratio


Troll duty???


Asking about Bleach ratios… Do you even pressure wash, Brah?

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There’s something wrong with you.

(But you’re very likeable!!)


Houses don’t make you enough money not to many ppl want there house washed



Dammit. I’ll try to up my game a bit with some quality trolling

Pressure washers damage houses

Bleach kills dolphins

Hand washing a house with a rag dipped in organic kerosene is the only way to clean.

Only babies and weak people put a pressure washer in a trailer. Real man carry their machine under one arm and 40’ ladder under the other


I use to run 10% sh straight with a 4gpm machine and it worked great. I would not dilute the 8.5% sh. I use to pay 2.90 a gallon so not sure why it’s higher where you are. Even my 12.5% I only pay 2.50.
Good luck and the best way is to try several mixtures that’s right for you.


I bet it did…!!


Where do you get your 12.5% from? Online or local?


Pretty sure most are getting it local. Check around with local pool suppliers and should be able to find an outlet for it.


Thank you!


I found 12.5% at Menards in the pool supplies I think $3 a gallon


Getting 110 gallons delivered to my shop tomorrow for $2.80 gallon. It’s listed at 12.5 but the vendor says the first week it’s more like 14%

They pump it off the truck into my storage tanks.