Black nozzle vs Jrod


Quick question - I apply chems with the black tip for low and a shooter for high. I’ve never been happy with the delivery of the black tip and wondered if the Jrod was any better? (for low soap application).

(Using a 4GPM and I’d just make the single low nozzle if the answer is yes)



Kinda the difference between a BB gun and a 45/70 Sharpes


The “J-Rod” is the common name for a device that holds typically 3-4 nozzles. The “j-rod” itself is not a spray tip of any sort. You can put any tip you want in a “j-rod” to get all different spray patterns.

To answer your question, yes there are better soap nozzles out there than the black tip that comes with machine. Go pick some out and screw them into your “j-rod”


You can buy the Jrod with all 4 nozzles for your specific gpm machine at pressure tek pretty cheaply. A whole lot of people use them and love them and even get sweaters for them (thats a separate topic). But try it out for a bit and then try the black tip and compare.


Thanks guys.

I’m happy with the shooter, just not the low black nozzle.

I don’t want the Jrod itself, as I have the female quick connects etc. So, if I order a nozzle, which one would be ideal for low housewash and driveway application?

Tanks again :slight_smile:


The j rod lets you attach it to your setup with the QC female.


I’m familiar with them, 100% but sellers are hard to come by here in Australia. I figured I only have a problem with the low pressure black tip, so I’d buy a single nozzle and go that way :slight_smile:


I bought mine from soft wash Australia, use it for everything.


I know it’s not exactly what you asked but I really like a m5ds nozzle. It can shoot high and with a twist it fans out. It’s not the best high reach tip but so far it does everything I need.


I agree the m5ds tip is what I use 99% of the time. It’s very versatile because you can adjust from a 8ft fan to high soap tip with just a twist. I appreciate that you can adjust to a 5-10 degree fan so you can hit the gutter and soffit in one pass. The jrod tips are limited to 2 spray patterns.


Hmmm I looked at those again last night.

Question - does the soap concentration stay the same from low to high?


$80 plus $15 postage though…


From what I have seen everything here costs 2-3 times more…


I find the high pressure long range nozzle useless. I screwed the shooter tip in its place


Soap concentration stays the same with m5ds. The high pressure tips I rarely use on a j-rod. I’ll use the fan rinse tip for decks, brick stoops, and edging driveway. The high rinse tip I’ll bust out if I need to knock down hornets nest residue or something on a gutter that needs more pressure…but that’s rare.


What size nozzle is used for a 4@4 for low application? (fan)



To make the low rinse nozzle for a 4GPM I believe it’s a 25040 - would this one pictured do the trick, or is the vee jet type required?


Sorry for the delay, here are the nozzles I got with mine, 2 of them are way to wide must be for a 8gal but the other 2 work finejrod


All good mate. Yeah, Nick sells softwash stuff, so I don’t think he has anything suitable for pressure cleaners.

(When I asked, he said they work on pressure cleaners and soft washes the same, so I didn’t buy one based on that).


That’s right, I have used it with my 12v system and also as a down stream and just a high volume low pressure rinse, I prefer it when house washing vs pressure tips.