Has bidslot really helped anyone here or are they just paying to advertise here. I just noticed their ad and it kind of shocked me. I haven’t really heard of many people using them.

Hey DeJay-- I’m curious what did you find shocking in there ad?
I can tell you this. I heard they did real well for some people and for some others it didn’t work out to well. April Dodson did a real professional job talking about her Company and what they do at Last years NOLA event. It’s probably like most other things when it comes to finding more work for your company. The only way to know for sure is to ask around like your doing or sign up for a small package deal and see how it works out for you…

We may give them a try just to see if it works for us… But right now the work is coming in for us at the greatest pace it ever has… But incase you haven’t know me from other bb’s we always over advertised so I was able to pick and chose my customers I wanted most of the time because I had another job until recently so now we are taking on alot more work…

Bidslot is something for us to think about along with other ways to get some more work in… And it’s great to have choices…
Good luck

Cmon it didn’t shock you… :slight_smile:

We got a 30k job from it last year.

How much more besides that did you get from it Chris?

I believe 2 other smaller projects, I would have to pull a report to know for sure. We didn’t see immediate traction, things came in that had been sitting in the pipeline for a while.

I have been using them for hoods, truck washing and flat work. They have been very good at setting up appointments. Most people don’t like to dot that initial cold call and that is what BidSlot is great at.

I have been at BidSlot’s World Headquarters office. WOW - it’s NO joke. Everybody was on phones setting up appointments. Before I saw the office, I was under the impression it was April sitting at a desk going through the phone book calling businesses setting up estimates. There’s actually a lot more that goes into it, and April’s got a whole task force working for BidSlot.

Also, I don’t believe Josh (April’s husband) had any hood cleaning contracts when he moved here 2-3 years ago. He’s already dominating the market, I see those Grease Pro stickers everywhere now. I don’t know for sure… but I’d imagine BidSlot did that for him.

If I wasn’t so busy, I would be all over it. Unfortunately, I’m having hard time keeping up as it is.

Maybe April could do a short video like Chris did showing off the ACWC offices…

How many bids have you went to and how many have you landed?

Good info!

There on my list to try as well but for now where kicking it. Tomorrow I have to leave Here by 6 am for a potential nice job in Atlantic City with a potential very large outcome if all goes well(and I don’t want that… I just want a teenie tiny teenie little incy wincy piece of the pie cause that’s…what I want:) but doesn’t mean that Bidslot couldn’t work for my company…
I would suggest to keep asking people what they think of them of course to help make the decision… But in the end sometimes you never know until you try something…and in many cases most…do not try but the ones who do either do well or they just chalk up the few hundred dollars as a loss and they then try other methods.
Good luck.

Here is my honest review:

April was always nice to me and I felt she cared about the results I was or was not getting, but I had terrible results with BidSlot, unfortunately. It may have been the person making the calls for me, but the appointments many times were completely bogus and the people I was supposed to be meeting with didn’t even know why I was coming there at least 50% of the time! Rather than walking in for a warm lead, it was completely cold many times. There were a few good leads that I tried hard to close, but just couldn’t make it happen. That of course was not their problem, the only thing I really wanted from them was a solid appointment with a decision maker. The last straw for me was being sent to a bank that was no longer in business…

I do believe that April would not tolerate this if it was an ongoing problem as she was responsive and took over appointments herself when I informed her of the issues I was having.

With that being said, the prices are good and if they can set you up with legit appointments it would be worth it 100%. It’s a small investment that has a greater chance of monetary gain than many other forms of advertising. Even with the issues I had, I’d still try them again since I do believe that April cares about the companies she is representing and I’m sure bad appointments will be less common as she grows BidSlot.

This is an opinion again of course(yea I know there just like… ) I wouldn’t mind seeing April or one of her staff members do another session at NOLA or somewhere again. She did a good job representing her company of course but sometimes it pays to hear it again to get a better feel for it and since we never used Bidslot it just might be bettor for some of us to get to hear it a second time around since it’s a bit different in gaining business for your company then the typical ways we all do… Just Sayin.

She was super sensitive about not making it a commercial and actually telling people how to do it themselves. She didn’t really go into how Bidslot would do it for you. That’s what I wanted at the host but maybe not what you needed as contractors.

Are they going to come back this year Thad? I agree with your assessment.


I dont work within Bidslot, so i dont know your program, but i mentioned your post to April. I think it is important to mention that your campaign was a new industry for Bidslot, and since then the program for the type of services you were offering has been adjusted to create a better experience for the contractor, and sveral similar current campaigns are very successful. I can say that issues like this are a rare occurence, but when there are problems like this the feedback given from the contractor is very helpful and is used to improve BidSlot. April is passionate about each of the companies Bidslot represents, and the callers are as well. Each appointment is set by a real person, with a real person. If there is a problem with any of the appointments set then all you have to do is contact April, let her know the issue, and get a replacement. Bidslot strives to make every appointment thatt is set, to be your perfect opportunity to create business. When this doesnt happen it is taken very seriously. Thanks for the honest review, im sure your future business with the program will allow for a more positive honest review.:slight_smile:

But that still dose not explain why he showed up to a business that was no longer in business.

Blink your eye and some banks like over here shut in a day. The banks do not have closing building signs here much compared to a place like Borders that advertise they were going out of business in a month etc.
I’m guessing there was another person that accepted the bank call from Bidslot but after that they shut down.

Hey Phil if your reading this post what was the reason you were given for the bank no longer being in business?

I dont know the answer to that, and April might not appreciate me waking her at 3am to ask. Maybe Phil can share some more details, or April can chime in to help you with questions. It really all comes down to the info gathered from the contact. If the contact gives bad info, then your going to have issues. My guess would be an errored business listing…wrong number associated with wrong address or something.

Good question DeJay. I don’t actually do the sales calls. I have sale people that do the follow up. Closing does vary based on how hot the lead may be. Some are ready to make a decision and others we are just making an initial contact and beginning to build that relationship for a future sale. Unfortunately, I have not done a good job of tracking the success of the closing rate. But I would not equate closing rates to Bidslot but more so to the skills of the sales person.