Bidding 6M sq/ft

Any thoughts on bidding 6M Sq/Ft of parking garages for a single customer?

If you have to ask then I’m assuming it’s out of your league. No offense intended. Just being realistic.

If that is 6,000,0000 it would be .15 cents X 6,000,0000 = 900,000.00 I think

That’s gotta be with tennant rental and sweeping and overnights and reclaim and all the bells and whistles here in KC. .10-.11 is the best we get with tennant sweeping.

Gamble will show up soon and tell us all we can get .40-.50 a square.


Maybe up north.

Gamble is like the sham wow guy. He sells like an infomercial. It’s really tough to trust. I’m fairly certain NO ONE is actually getting .40-.50 a square.

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He will claim atleas $1 per foot and done in 3.27 half days of working


Yea I would say if you are asking us clowns for advice on a job that big you are in over your head lol


Also that’s 137 acres of concrete… what are you washing? The whole state of Rhode Island?


The sad part is that he’s been selling that snake oil for so long that he may have started to believe it. I remember him from years back and I was thinking this can’t be true. But what’s really sad is that he knows no one believes him but he keeps on selling it. At least he’s persistent.

137 acres… here’s my advice! Subcontract it out to this guy…



What mix do they use?

Who me?

Yeah that dude

Pond water, ocean water and even the occasional swimming pool if they are feeling lucky lol

Thats pretty awesome.

Thank you for your input, but since I have the equipment and the technology, and the people, I would have to say it is not out of mt league. Maybe out of yours since you really didn’t know how to answer the question.

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Thank you for your honest and straight forward response. I have the equipment with all of the bells and whistles, I just wasn’t sure exactly where I should be with a single bid this large.

Break it up into small sections and figure your time that way