Best way to price ROOF WASH from telephone

Hey everyone what do you do for the following?

-For seasons I (or the lead sales tech) was estimating price for roof washing by simply looking and estimating. So many times is was less than accurate. How does your team usually give accurate sizing to complete a roof wash?

-Do you guys use google to find total square footage by drawing lines on the roof? What do you guys multiple the roof square footage by?

-What do you guys do when the roof is covered by tree leaf’s and one is unable to view on internet?

Thank for your advice…

***looking was also many times done by requested photos

I only price over the phone to prequalify customers. I’m not into driving 30-45 mins to get a “wow that’s a lot” or “last time it was $200” from a prospect.

If it’s in an area I know my customers live I usually offer an in-person quote. If it’s a drive or if it’s not an area I am familiar with I ask some qualifying questions. The first question is what is your address? I type it into my phone and I’m googling it as I listen to the answer for the next questions.

  • What year was the roof installed?
  • When was the last time you had it cleaned?
  • What type of roof is it?
  • Do you have gutters?

Based on the answers to those questions I’ll give a range, and I always hedge a little high. Let’s say I think it’ll be $500… I’ll say I’d be happy to stop by and give you a free inspection, based on similar houses I have done you would be between $550 and $650.

If they balk at the price they save me the gas. If they are okay with it I’m in good shape. If it’s what I thought I delight them with a price on the lower side, if they have trees and it’s worse than I thought I’d covered.

In my experience as long as you are clear - you’re not quoting over the phone - you’re just giving them an idea of the quote that’s coming - you can change it on-site without hurt feelings.


Thank you for your response…

You’re welcome although I missed your actual f-ing question lmao. I do use Google maps to scope out the square footage. I might be in the minority but I don’t usually figure in pitch unless it’s something unique. In my area most of the roofs I do are pretty standard pitch.

I just got word for “find lot size”

As @Innocentbystander said if you can’t lock the job in a single phone call or email your doing it wrong. uses google earth with their software to measure out the square footage. I ask for pics to see real life conditions and also assess the environment. Is there gutters? a lot of plants? access issues? steep roof etc. price by the sf. Factor pitch in too!

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I seriously need to do that. Too many people want me to drop everything and drive 45 minutes for an in-person bid only to find out they “got my cousin to do it for half”.

Yep it’s called qualifying the customer. Lots of people think that this type of work should be close to free. Give a ballpark and if they are still interested then do the legwork. It’s hard to do that when your not busy and just starting out, but saves you more time for leads that turn into jobs!

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How many cousins do they have down there? Is there a lot of inbreeding in that area?:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


This saved me today. I got a call from the one persona I know I underprice… little old ladies. I call them LoL’s.

Shut it… It’s a weakness and I’m working on it.

Anyway I ask her how I can help and I get the standard LoL winding road story… my husband died, I have arthritis, the dog has diabetes, etc. She grilled me on the standard LoL playbook, are you licensed, are you insured, are you circumcised… the whole nine. After she is comfortable with me I learn she needs a house wash. I google the address… and I’m ready to quote but my LoL weakness kicks in. A house wash that should be $350 turns into me saying… no worries if you can be flexible on the schedule I can get you taken care of for $200. Like I said… I have a weakness.

I figure I can group her with another job in that area (40 mins away) and I’ll get a happy customer, a good review, maybe some referrals. Wheel-stop to wheel-start is should be a 45-minute job so I’m not worried about it.


After a long pause, she says wow that’s high.

Shame on me but I laughed out loud. She then said she had a guy stop by last month and he was willing to do it for $100… but he wasn’t licensed so she sent him on his way.

I wanted to scream WHY DO YOU THINK HE CAN AFFORD TO WASH YOUR WHOLE DAMN HOUSE FOR $100?!?!? I did not, I simply said I understand, but I don’t compete with unlicensed contractors. We exchanged nice words and I wished her a good day.

In this case, it cost me 5 mins so no harm no foul. If I had committed the 80 minutes round trip and the 15-20 mins on-site to get the Chuck-In-A-Truck™ dust off I might have given her dog snickers.


Lol the trademark is a nice touch. I had a woman call me at the very start of the season for a house wash and after hearing my price I thought she may have literally died. All I heard was a gasp and “oh my…” before the phone went CLICK

Wasn’t even a big house. Yeah, sorry lady I’m not washing your quarter million dollar home for $99 :man_shrugging:

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Which brings me to another thing I’ll never understand about some folks. They’ll gladly sign on the dotted line for $500,000 worth of mortgage payments and then hire the cheapest contractors they can find and entrust their largest investment to a guy with neck tattoos and missing teeth and then have the GALL to complain about shoddy workmanship. Like…what???


Yeah exactly. It’s crazy she was very clear she was worried about damage to her siding and damage to her plants… but this washing you get done every few years yeah - go ahead and save that couple hundred.

These people are very closely related to the people who explain they normally do it themselves. I even had a guy show me his lime green Ryobi washer with PRIDE.

Dude it’s 95 degrees in the shade. The humidity is 105%. If you want to pressure wash your driveway with a red tip and 2000psi of electric power… RIDE THE LIGHTNING my man. :muscle:


It’s true. Time was not meant to be wasted! I’m spoiled from late year having a sales guy out there closing left and right.

Best answer! The one part I don’t account for now is multiplying the pitch in.

Yes. Yes there is.


That’s how you get the plug, everybody gets the family discount!

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@MagicMan Not saying this is completely true all the time but if you would have said $350 she might have said ok.

You’re higher priced because you are better; you provide more value, you’re more professional. You will leave her house sparkling clean. When you lowball she groups you in with the last guy or immediately gets the mindset you’re just an average guy with a pressure washer.

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I’ve been in tree service work 30 years including six years of apprenticeship. I do a similar tresponse for phone inquiries. During COVID many of the calls for estimates were simply to solve arguments in a family or with a neighbor about the work, it’s solution and an approximate cost. But few people would cough up the dough to order the work. So, like MagicMan, I have asked for service call fee to do an estimate. If the home owner or landlord is serious they will pay a service call for a professional assessment and estimate. I worked in my dad’s businesses eight years and he always preached “be careful not to give away the store”.