Best value high pressure hose?

Also, it’s incredibly subjective. I’ve seen how many other washers take care of their equipment and their hoses. It’s no wonder they’re constantly replacing hoses. Yanking them when they get hung up, starting machines with the gun attached and trigger closed, guys have zero clue how to safely use a ball valve, rolling them up on the reel like a rat’s nest, etc.

Basically, take anyone’s opinion on hoses with a huge grain of salt because some folks have no idea how to take care of stuff.


When I was a kid, I saw 2 toothpaste commercials a few minutes apart. Both claimed to be the best brand most dentists recommend. Next time I went in for a check up, I asked him which brand was the best & he said “the one put on your toothbrush”. Any hose will work & every hose is doomed to fail. Just gotta send it.


Nice to see this discussion.

I have been pretty loyal to the fierce jet hoses. I get at least one season out of them If not two. I do know I saw several reports of fierce jet quality going down last year, so who knows. With all of the praise for the Suttner hoses I will definitely pick some of that up next time I need it.

We have 3 seasons on Fierce Jet with no issues. I’ve tried a lot of different ones and still open to continue to test the market.