Best value high pressure hose?

I’ve been having issues with quality from my current high pressure hose dealer. I was popping hoses every week so I moved to double braid, which seemed to be working well, then they changed manufacturers and the new double braid line is way too stiff.

I’m running a 8gpm 3500 machine.

What 3/8 hose brands are y’all buying right now?

Also note: I can’t order from pressuretek because I’m in California.

I use to pop hoses left and right, Til I got over them and now only use Goodyear grey hoses.

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Single or double braid?

I can’t find a double braid Goodyear, so it must be the single

No need for double braided, Too heavy! Single is all I use…


Double braided raptor blast hose is the best I have found. I get it on ebay. You can buy it by the roll or in section mine are solid 200 foot sections 3 seasons on the same hose.


Just put in an order for some Goodyear hose. I’ll give it a try, thanks!

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Ive got several hoses Im gonna try, raporblast is one, another is rexflex. Depends if the suttner brand Im using holds up. Let me ask you @procleaning, are you unrolling the full hose, or keep some on reel when using it?

Flow sensitive unloader and one wire hose. Two wire to heavy.


How much do you get the raptorblast for in 200ft roll?

I almost always unroll the full reel and I have a flow sensitive unloader.

I bought a 500 foot spool and out stainless end on them. You can buy much better swivels than any manufacturer out on. Anyway I paid somewhere are 480 I can back and check I’m sure it has gone up. Since then. I also only unroll what I need lick the reel and go seams to me like the flat spot with the raised letters on my hose keeps it from spooling. Maybe I dont have any problems with it anyway

Does licking the reel help with reducing friction or is it something else…lol


I bought a 200roll and put my ends on locally, but they dont have swivels and I was on a rush. My 3/8 hose is just a tad smaller OD than your average 3/8 hose. And its poultry sanitation approved, lol. And yellow. Ive only put a few knicks in from getting it stuck between bricks and railings.

@garry.cooper sometimes you just gotta spit on it. “Lock the reel”

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Dude, I’m speechless :no_mouth:


You won’t regret it!

Goodyear’s last a long time but all hoses fail eventually. I had a Goodyear pop last week. It you won’t be popping hoses every week if you go with the Goodyear.

Goodyear makes good hose. They also make horrible tires. Go figure.

2 Likes has Goodyear 100’ 1-wire for $149 and free shipping