Best surfactant you guys use that don’t cost arm and a leg

What’s the best surfactant you guys use that don’t cost an arm and leg?? I have been using Dawn but wasn’t sure if I should maybe switch to something else

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Also there are many topics on personal preference of surfactant.

Here is a link to a thread with most of them listed with links to buy.

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Thanks brother

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You have to realize that using an actual surfactant probably only costs a buck per house wash. It might seem like they cost an arm and a leg but don’t. You should be passing the cost onto the customer, anyways. Just add a dollar to each house wash.

Dawn is considered a degreaser. Many have been burned by using it because it can remove oxidation.


Man thanks for that info. That’s true. Looking for something at Home Depot I can pick up in the morning. Any ideas? Any specifics to stay away from??

If you’ve got to have tomorrow, go to grocery store and get some Arm & Hammer laundry detergent. Gallon about $8 - start with about an oz per gal of mix but may need to bump up depending on your injector. Why not just order a gal of Elemonator to keep on hand?


I tried Gain…meh. Arm & Hammer smells great and works in a pinch but doesn’t ‘stick’ very well. Get some Elemonator, Snotmenade etc when you can.

Dawn is perfect for window cleaning, not so much for house washing.


So a guy, Joe Derry uses this

I can’t seem to find it here but thought about using this

What do you think??

Or should I do something like this??

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My injector is 7:1…

So if go straight 10% SH, I have a 1.33% pull

Just get some eliminator you won’t regret it

Gotta spend money to make money

I tried to dabble with those surfactants… in fact Joe inspired me to try them. In the end for me I had a moment where I was like… dude what are you doing? I spent good money on equipment, I spent thousands on marketing to get these leads, and now I’m standing in a client’s driveway experimenting with dollar store soap.

For me I use Cherry Snotmenade. It costs me about .13 cents an ounce, and assuming I use 50 gallons of roof mix on a nice sized house I’m out $6.50 for the surfactant vs 5-6 jugs of dollar store soap which would be pretty close to the same cost.

I respect whatever everyone uses - if you master the store bought soap - good on ya! For me I value the consistent results and having one less thing to worry about on the job site.


I won’t summon her, but a member here is a chemist and she pointed out some of those laundry detergents actually reduce SH effectiveness.

So I used The arm and hammer for today (shown above) and it worked well. Didn’t quite mask the smell of SH that well considering I was downstreaming at at 1.33%.

Definitely going to order some Elemonator thought. Thanks for y’all’s input.

If you’re washing vinyl, that’s a pretty hot mix. Not really necessary. And it costs you more.

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Rather than ■■■-u-me you’re getting that mix, do a bucket test and find out for sure.

Lol it edited assume.

LOL, you were asking for some soap you could use, not for masking. Seriously though if you’re shooting that hot a mix for a hw, elemonator not going to mask it all either. About 1/2 of that good for most homes unless really bad. Plus most people like the smell of bleach these days.