Best surface cleaner for 8 gpm

Ordered a 8 gpm 690 with general pump, looking to upgrade my wojet 20 inch surface cleaner to whatever is the best bang for the buck.

I saw whisper wash being quite high on people’s list…
Whats the best combo for size and brand with this machine?

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whered you order your 8gpm? im looking to get one soon

Florida pressure washing equipment
The unit was 3600$

Anything over 20 inches won’t be efficient with 8 gpm

You think 20 is the way to go??

I would get a 19" Whisper Wash Ultra or Classic. You can darn near run with an 8 gpm machine. They don’t make it in a 20".


Except for my cursed self😆

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I’ve narrowed it down to this cleaner. I want to do the ultra so I don’t have to weigh it down.
But should I get the 4 tip or the 2 tip?

4, definitely.

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Ground Force covers and Aqua Pro skirts…win win

Where did you get those? That’s exactly what I’m wanting

J&N Equipment

Ask for David Z.

Thank ya very much sir!

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What kind of gpm are you running those with?

Wish I could understand why a 19” Ultra Clean runs $570 and the same thing just 5” bigger is another $300. Costs even more for a 4 nozzle.

8 gpm @ about 2800-2900 at the tips

Well @dcbrock that’s because the 24" ones come with a “no stripes” guarantee ;>)


Oh sweet, better get one then!:laughing:


@dcbrock I haven’t read though all your posts about stripes, and Im sure someone else already mentioned this or you figured it out. But, are the tips both turned so the spray pattern fans propererly on the surface? Just a thought, but just wanted to throw it out there.

Yeah, tips are parallel to the bar. I’m just cursed😆

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